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A Patchwork Planet will speak to anyone who has felt overwhelmed by the small daily battles of existence, unloved by loved ones, and insecure about his/her place and purpose in life; in other words, just about anyone.


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Apr 14, 1998 · ‘A Patchwork Planet” opens and closes with this protest: “I am a man you can trust.” Barnaby Gaitlin understands the full value of trust, and between the covers of Anne Tyler’s latest novel, he tells a story of hard won redemption in the face of withering doubts.


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A Patchwork Planet is a novel by Anne Tyler. Published in 1998, it tells the story of Barnaby Gaitlin, anti-hero and failure who suffers from more than the usual quota of misfortune. The book is noted for its complement of old people and eccentrics, and its sharply ironic humor.

Author: Anne Tyler

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A PATCHWORK PLANET currently tops this list. In A PATCHWORK PLANET, Tyler returns to what she does best — writing about the common lives of average people in a way that penetrates the ordinary to reveal the extraordinary.

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May 03, 1998 · A PATCHWORK PLANET is the story of a young man who finally learned that lesson. Barnaby Gaitlin disgraced his prominent Baltimore family …

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Barnaby Gaitlin is no prince. A quasi-reformed juvenile delinquent, Anne Tyler’s anti-hero in her new novel, A Patchwork Planet, has just celebrated his 30th birthday alone, swilling beer in his dank basement apartment.

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A Patchwork Planet Anne Tyler is a great writer, no doubt. Her book, A Patchwork Planet is a great read but I found the ending somewhat unsatisfactory. At the beginning he admired Sophia’s “definiteness” and routines and were an influence on his own journey. I Read More Kate

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In A Patchwork Planet, however, the shallow burials and exhumations of the familiar Tyler types — the passive, lovable loser man, the provocatively undernourished girl, the less-than-loving mother — seem more mechanical than epiphanic. The characters are exasperatingly, rather than charmingly, quirky: As Barnaby misses one more appointment or confesses to having once attempted to torch his parents’ …


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About A Patchwork Planet. In this, her fourteenth novel–and one of her most endearing–Anne Tyler tells the story of a lovable loser who’s trying to get his life in order. Barnaby Gaitlin has been in trouble ever since adolescence. He had this habit of breaking into other people’s houses.

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