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2 Secretary, ACS Committee on Analytical Reagents Note about the 10th Edition The 10th Edition of ACS Reagent Chemicals is no longer the version of record and is no longer available online.

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The Must-Have Reference Guide for Analytical, Industrial, and Research Labs. These specifiations have become the de facto standards for chemicals used in many high-purity applications. In addition to detailing these specifications, ACS Reagent Chemicals provides general physical properties and analytical uses for all reagent chemicals as well as guidelines for standard analytical methods.

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The ACS Reagent grade designation indicates compliance with specifications found in the most recent edition of Reagent Chemicals published by the American Chemical Society. Currently, that designation applies to 430 reagents.

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About Company. We “ACS Chemicals” are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a high-quality assortment of Laboratory chemicals, Reagent chemical, Organic chemical, etc.

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Abstract. Unless otherwise indicated, the reagent solutions are prepared and diluted with reagent water by using standard class A volumetric pipettes and flasks. Weights are measured on a four-place calibrated balance.

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ACS Reagent Chemicals & Solvents. For reliable and consistent results in a wide variety of testing and analysis, ACS laboratory reagent chemicals from Avantor are specified by laboratories the world over.

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Ammonium Persulfate ACS; Ammonium Phosphate Mono (ACS) Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic (ACS) Ammonium Sulfate ACS; Ammonium Thiocynate ; B. Barium Acetate (ACS) Barium Carbonate (ACS) Barium Chloride Dihydrate (ACS) Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate (ACS) Barium Nitrate (ACS) Barium Sulfate ; Benzoic Acid (ACS) Boric Acid (ACS) Bismuth Trichloride ACS

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ACS Reagent grade means that the chemical conforms to specifications defined by the Committee on Analytical Reagents of the American Chemical Society (but Aldrich “ReagentPlus” means >95% pure). So, “ACS Reagent grade” chemicals should be comparable from different suppliers. Analytical grade is generally the most pure.

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