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Arterial tonometry is a technique for blood pressure measurement in which an array of pressure sensors is pressed against the skin over an artery. In close collaboration with Colin Electronics (acquired by Omron), SRI engineers have developed minimally invasive arterial tonometry for hospital applications. The technology is available for license.

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Noninvasive Measurement of Central Vascular Pressures With

Applanation tonometry (AT) is a noninvasive, reproducible, and accurate representation of the aortic pressure waveform. Measurement of the aortic waveform can provide clinically useful information beyond brachial-measured blood pressure.

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BPro ABPM technology – Modified Applanation Tonometry

BPro incorporated a patented technology termed as Modified Applanation Tonometry. This technology is coined as EVBP technology. EVBP stands for Evidence-Based Blood Pressure. Tonometry was first used for the measurement of pressure in the eyeballs. BPro ABPM device implements the measurement at the radial artery of the wrist.

Tonometry and Intraocular Pressure – Where are we Now

Goldmann applanation tonometry has been the gold standard for measuring intraocular pressure for many years. However, it has some limitations, including the effects of several ocular variables such as axial length, curvature, rigidity and corneal thickness on the measurements. These limitations have prompted the development of new tonometers.

Tonometry | definition of tonometry by Medical dictionary

tonometry Blood gases See Blood gas analysis Ophthalmology A technique that measures intraocular pressure–normal is ≤ 20 mm Hg by contact–indentation of, or applanation on or noncontact–by a puff of air on the outer part of the eye Indications Diagnose and manage glaucoma, ocular HTN, and in routine ocular examination. to·nom·e·try

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Although fairly accurate blood pressure measurements may be made over a wide range of applanation states, it is generally accepted that there exists a substantially unique applanation state that produces the most accurate determination of arterial blood pressure. This unique applanation state is commonly known as the optimum applanation state.

Tonometry: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Tonometry is a test to measure the pressure inside your eyes. The test is used to screen for glaucoma. People over age 40, especially African Americans, have the highest risk for developing glaucoma. Regular eye exams can help detect glaucoma early. If it is detected early, glaucoma can be treated before too much damage is done.

Applanation tonometry – Mayo Clinic

Applanation tonometry. This test measures the amount of force needed to temporarily flatten part of your cornea. The test involves using a slit lamp equipped with forehead and chin supports and a tiny, flat-tipped cone that gently comes into contact with your cornea. This pressure measurement helps your doctor determine whether you may be at risk

Tonometry: Purpose, Procedure, and Results – Healthline

Tonometry is an eye test that can detect changes in eye pressure long before you may be aware of them. The most common type of tonometry test is called the “Goldmann applanation tonometry test.”

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