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By YaShekia King. The cotyledon is the part of the embryo that lies in the seed of a plant. It becomes the embryonic first leaves of a seedling when germination occurs. Various other parts of a seed exist, including the endosperm — the food supply that is contained in the seed and sometimes specifically in …

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Cotyledon. The cotyledons contain (or in the case of gymnosperms and monocotyledons, have access to) the stored food reserves of the seed. As these reserves are used up, the cotyledons may turn green and begin photosynthesis, or may wither as the first true leaves take over food production for …

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Sep 01, 2010 · Results. The cotyledon is the largest part of the inside of the bean. It stores a lot of the food for the growing bean. Like a chick embryo has a yolk and a baby has an umbilical cord, a bean seed has a cotyledon to act as a source of food. At the top of the cotyledon is the epicotyl. This is the beginning of the bean’s shoot


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A: The cotyledon, which forms in the embryo of a seed before germination, stores food for the embryo. Along with the endosperm, the cotyledon nourishes the new growth of the plant. It is the part of the seed that emerges from the testa, or hard covering, during germination.

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Endospermic seeds are those which seed enosperm is located outside of cotyledons and cotyledons are tiny or leafy, ex: castor bean seeds. Cotyledon seeds or non-endospermic seeds are those which seed endosperm is absorbed by cotyledons and hence cotyledons are swollen, ex: bean …

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Cotyledons. The seed leaves serve to access the stored nutrients in the seed, feeding it until the true leaves develop and begin photosynthesizing. In the photo provided, the two narrow leaves lowest on the stem are the cotyledons. The small, crinkled leaves on …

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Most cotyledons emerge, enlarge, and become green after the seed has germinated. Cotyledons either store food for the growing embryo or absorb food that has been stored in the endosperm for eventual distribution to the growing parts of the embryo. Also called seed leaf. See at dicotyledon…

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A cotyledon is part of the embryo within the seed of a plant. Often when the seed germinates, or begins to grow, the cotyledon may become the first leaves of the seedling. Botanists use the number of cotyledons present in the seed of a plant as a means of classification.


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Germination Of a Bean Photographs and article By Lily C. Gerhardt [email protected] G ermination is the process in which a seed, spore, or fungi sprouts, or begins as peas and corn develop cotyledons, or seed leaves, underground while beans and sunflowers develop cotyledons above ground in the light.

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