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The best bike saddles for triathlon and time trialling tested, rated and reviewed The perfect bike saddle is cycling’s holy grail and for triathletes and time trialists, finding the best saddle for an aero tuck position can be a literal ball ache.

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Fizik’s TT saddle allows the rider to set the saddle as far forward as is within the rules How to choose a bike saddle Finding the perfect saddle for you can take a little work.

Triathlon bike saddles: 10 of the best reviewed

Of course, saddle choice is incredibly personal, so the highest marks here have been awarded to saddles that we think will work best for the greatest number of riders, feature the greatest innovation and material construction, and are at a price that represents value for money.

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Cobb’s saddles are the most versatile, with the most range, when considering all the tri saddle brands. If stranded on a desert island with one saddle brand, it would have to be Cobb, because of this range.

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Pro Aerofuel – Best Triathlon Saddle for Time Trials and Long Distances The PRO Aerofuel TI Triathlon Bicycle Saddle is designed with triathlons and time trials in mind. It features a carbon-reinforced nylon base, an anti-slide synthetic cover, and SUS316-Ti rails.

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Dec 23, 2010 · Saddles are such a personal thing, it’s hard to recommend something that is perfect for *you*. There are some people that can ride a TT on a regular saddle, but most can’t/don’t.

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Triathlon bike saddles: 10 of the best reviewed. A sore backside can wreck your race, so it’s crucial you choose the right saddle. We test 9 of the best to discover which brands know how to make a good perch. Posted: 26 June 2018 by Chris Hovenden and Jack Sexty. Tweet. Fizik Mistica .

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