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Welcome to Bollore Inc. Bollore, a leading European manufacturer of specialty plastic films for worldwide markets, is proud to serve the US with our advanced line of high performance, cost-effective, Bolphane® multilayer polyolefin Shrink Films.

Bollore Inc. is a subsidiary of a French corporation with worldwide holdings in …

Packaging shrink films – Bolloré Films

Packaging shrink films for industrial applications and consumer goods. Multipurpose or specialized, Bolphane® shrink films form a complete and innovative range of products, developed to meet the needs of the industrial and consumer goods markets alike.

Bollore Shrink Film – Sigma Supply of North America

Bollore Shrink Film. Sigma Supply is the official supplier of Bollore’s cost-effective, Bolphane® multilayer polyolefin shrink films. Bollore offers: Wulftec International Recognizes Sigma Supply of North America as its Top Distributor for the fourth year in a row; From @sigmasna.

Bolphane Shrink Films | Ontario Clute Packaging Systems Ltd.

Bollore’s Bolphane Shrink Films rival films the world over. These shrink films excel in all elements that are critical to the success of any display film – e.g. clarity, high shrink ability, excellent machinability, mechanical strength and high yield.

Bollore Printed Films – Shrink Wrapping Machines and

Bollore Printed Films. YPS can supply wrapping applications that require the use of high definition printed films. Due to our exclusive relationship with market leaders Bollore, we are able to offer this unique and exceptional product tailored exactly to your requirements.

Founded: Jun 30, 1977

Bolphane Shrink Films –

A 5-layer shrink film that seals and shrinks at lower temperatures with high free shrink for maximum retail presentation. Data Sheet, SDS: Ultra Thin. B30 30 gauge. High performance ultra thin shrink film, ultimate in source reduction and reduced carbon footprint. Data Sheet, SDS: Soft Shrink. BRX 45 …

Shrink Wrap, Heat Shrink & Packaging Film – Yorkshire

Shrink Wrap Film. Bollore shrink films are developed to provide unrivalled attributes for the ease of sealing and shrinking without the demerits of lesser quality shrink films. These products are environmentally friendly as they are all fully recyclable to LDPE level 4. They also have thermal stability.

Founded: Jun 30, 1977

ShrinkFilm – Packaging Solutions

Center-folded standard multi-purpose polyolefin shrink film Versatility. Optimized pre-perforation for controlled shrinkage and easier set-up. Strong shrink force for co-packing applications. Good optical properties. APPLICATIONS Bolphane BE is the standard film covering a broad spectrum of applications where a centerfolded film is required.

Shrink Film Archives – Sigma Supply of North America

Shrink Film. Versatile hand-held and machine shrink film for all of your packaging applications. PVC and polyolefin films are puncture-resistant and work well with irregularly shaped items.

Sytec Polyolefin Shrink Film | Syfan | Mr. Shrinkwrap

MVP – Syfan SYTEC® MVP Polyolefin Shrink Film – is a versatile shrink film for a wide range of packaging applications. This crosslinked, soft, low shrink forces film is especially suitable where low shrinkage temperatures and high shrinkage speeds are required.

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