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5 Minute Full Body Cool Down Exercises – SPOTEBI

WARM UP AND WORKOUT. Start your exercise routine with a 10 minute full body warm up, continue with a full body workout and finish with this set of cool down exercises.. STATIC STRETCHES. 1. Ab stretch: 20 seconds.Lie down on the mat with your arms in push up position and your legs straight.

15 Most Effective Cool Down Exercises For Every Workout

Walking. The creme de la creme of cool down exercises, according to our research, is walking. It …

Cool Down Routines – SPOTEBI

To prevent soreness and reduce tension, end every workout routine with a few static stretches. Stretching improves flexibility and gives your body and mind time to relax. Make sure that the cool down period lasts at least 5 minutes and that it targets all muscles worked.

Cool Down Workout – Cool Down Stretching Routine

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Cool Down Workout – Cool Down Stretching Routine 47 This Fitness Blender Cool Down Workout video is made of thorough stretches to help you slowly bring down your heart rate and help fend off muscle soreness after a tough workout.

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Below is a sample cool-down that puts the above considerations into practice in a way that would be suitable following almost any workout. Keep in mind that the exact number of exercises performed can be scaled up or down to meet your specific needs and time allotment.

Quick Cool Down Stretching Workout Routine – Cool Down

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