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Firstly, the majority of crank manufacturers make a limited range of lengths in road cranks. Campagnolo make between 170 mm and 180mm in 2.5mm increments. Shimano manufacture 165 – 180 mm in 2.5mm increments, and Sram deserve credit for producing cranks …

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A quick internet and literature search on optimum crank length will reveal a number of sources of information. You will find a crank length calculator here which uses the formula 1.25 * inseam (in cm) + 65.

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Chainring choices aside, road bikes have long come with 172.5mm crankarms regardless of frame size, while stock sizing for mountain bike crankarms is generally 175mm.

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Crank Length and Gearing. An Example: A road bike with 170 mm cranks: (The usual generic diameter value for road wheels is 680 mm, so the radius would be 340 mm.) 340 mm / 170 mm = 2.0. (The radius ratio) 2.0 X 53 / 19 = 5.58 This number is a pure ratio; the units cancel out. I call this a ‘gain ratio’

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Crank Length Calculation. Normally fit adult riders should use cranks which measure about 20% of their effective leg length, rounded to the nearest 5mm, whereas growing children can safely increase this figure to 22%. This length goes all the way to your hip joint and cannot be measured directly.

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Crank Length Availability. Road cranks that are available outside of the typical 170-175mm range are listed here. 21 thoughts on “Crank length and comfort for long-distance cyclists > Crank length and comfort for long-distance cyclists

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Should crank length be proportional to leg length? The issue of ideal crank length for a given rider is subject of endless debate. Importance Of Crank Length To The Cyclist’s Performance. Previous Next. The great majority of road riders use cranks lengths between 170 – 175 mm and this has been the case for at least 30 years. Yet

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Crank Length. Different cyclists have different leg lengths. It seems obvious that crank length should be proportional, so long legged cyclists should have long cranks, short-legged cyclists should have short cranks.and yet, 99.9% of adult bicycles have crank lengths between 165 and 175 mm.

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Of course, there are other considerations as well such as appropriateness of the range of motion considering a riders size and what may or may not be comfortable. Figure 3. A “Sprint”. Crank Length In a sprint context force to the pedals tends to be applied as “impulses.”. That is to say that the Thigh and Shin Strength Functions are “narrow

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Feb 08, 2016 · Crank length may well be the most important (and most expensive) bike fit adjustment. The Most Important Bike Adjustment You’ve Never Made? Global Cycling Network. everywhere there is road

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