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Cyclo Cross Bike vs. Mountain Bike Jessica Kovarik A cyclocross racer on a muddy track. You may not plan to ride in mountains, but mountain bikes handle trails in parks and other outdoor areas better than cyclocross bikes. Mountain bikes can be used in cyclocross races, however, if you do that, the bar ends need to be removed. Also

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mountain bike vs. cyclocross bike. Ask Question 5. 1. I’ve recently started trail riding on my mountain bike and i love it, but my bike is really old (circa 1992 steel Trek with Deore LX). I really want to get a new one, but I’m also really attracted to cyclocross. Ideally i would just get two bikes, but I’m wondering if i could get just a

Cross bikes are generally ok for less serious trails where you’re looking for decent speed, without the need for serious climbing, suspension and traction. You’ve got more clearance on a cross than a road bike, but the frame is a similar size and they’ve generally got 700mm road size rims, so they aren’t as maneuverable as an MTB. They generally don’t have suspension. Tyres are fatter and with more tread than a road bike, but they’ll normally only get to about 32-35mm width – MTBs will go wider. The gear ranges reflect this too – you’ll be able to go faster at the top end, but the lower end gears to tackle the serious inclines will be more favourable on MTBs. In general use cross bikes are great for road use with a bit of off road, where MTBs would be the other way around – especially if you’re going to be going seriously off-road. The ‘real cyclist’ answer is to get both. After all, you’ll always need another bike, right?4I ride my CX bike on more cross country styled trails, I leave the harder (downhill, jumps, berms) trails for my mountain bike. I think riding the CX bike on the trails is better when going uphill or even flattish areas, but not as much fun being hunched over the handlebars when coming back down the trail. I really slow down a lot and take my time coming down (any trail) when on the CX bike. If it is rainy and extra thick mud, the 35mm tires on the CX do not feel as stable as my 2″ MTB tires.2A few things I would try: Find a friend that has cross bike and borrow it to see if it will suit your needs. Most bike shops will let you demo a bike so try and get both a cross bike and a mountain bike. Ask the local bike shops if a cross bike would be ok for the trails you are interested in. Find local message boards, google / yahoo groups, local cycling clubs and see if they can offer any advice. That’s what I would try for now.1If you do not want to downhill and ride hard single track without a lot of huge roots, hillock you can go with CX. If you want to have an option to ride more difficult tracks you can buy MTB. I think if your trails are more or less flat you can choose by heart. Fun from riding usually depends on your friends and physical strength.1You could go with a ‘monstercross’ style bike. Generally a 29er, but with a narrower, lower volume tire than typically found with 29ers. Like a 40 or a 45 size tire would give you some added softness and volume to take the edges off the trail, but give you a fast ride. Front fork optional. Or just a normal mtn bike / 29er with a high pressure tire like a specialized fast trak LK. a 2.0 tire can be light, fast and good on road, hard back, and the rough stuff. I have run these in the past at up to 80psi for the super hard trails, dirt roads and pavement, but lowered back to 32 – 35 for actual trail riding. It was a great all around option.0

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Dec 11, 2016 · Cyclocross bike or mountain bike hardtail What’s the difference on MTB trails and should you buy a cyclo-cross bike? Subscribe to GMBN:

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How do you compare Hybrid Bike vs Cyclocross? To understand them, let us define them first. A hybrid bike is exactly what its name suggest. It is a “hybrid” of different bikes. It is a combination of mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, etc.

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Jun 20, 2014 · MTB or cyclocross bike? by tomturcan June 20 2014. 8 Comments. Having got used to the speed and position of a road bike, I couldn’t face the slow squidgy feel of a mountain bike. On the downhills, sure, it has an advantage but on the flat and the uphills I just ended up annoyed how slow it was. The X bike is lovely by comparison.

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After giving cyclocross a try, we bet in all likelihood you’ll soon want to focus specifically on the sport, it will be invaluable for your other disciplines of racing, whether that is road racing, mountain biking, triathlon, or even downhill mountain bike racing.

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Cyclocross: A stripped-down version of an adventure bike for racing. Tire clearance is similar, but geometry features sharper, more aggressive handling, and there are often no additional accessory

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5 reasons your next bike should be a cyclocross bike here are five solid reasons your next n+1 should be a cyclocross bike. 1. Versatility Compared to a mountain bike a ’crosser is not

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Dec 14, 2013 · Cyclocross VS 29er Mountain Bike Its a great trail bike, but I don’t like it so much as a street bike. For now, assuming my finances are good, my plan is to buy a street bike …

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