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BACKGROUND AND PREP. Describing the fireworks themselves means giving an idea of their movement – some shoot straight up before exploding, others whirl in a spiral, some shatter into thousands of sparks, others tumble like a scarlet waterfall or float in a glittering silver shower. Describe …

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Fireworks vocabulary, Fireworks word list – a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

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Chemistry of fireworks. Photo: Chemical reactions in the sky: different metal salts make the different colors in firework displays. Clockwise from top left: blue and green = copper or barium; red = calcium or strontium; yellow and white = sodium.

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Glossary of Fireworks Terms. Brocade – A spider like effect in the sky, much like fine lace. The brocade effect is generally a silver tail effect, and is brighter than the willow or tiger tail effect. Most brocade effects use glitter to produce the long brocade tails.

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Jun 10, 2015 · An explosion of bright colors filling the dark sky that lighten up our eyes.

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Dark vs. light: you can talk about the dark night sky, but the bright and light bonfire and fireworks. With some help your child might be able to answer questions about why we only have fireworks at night and talk about if we could see them in the day time?

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The bright sparkles in fireworks come from burning small bits of metal, such as iron or steel filings. Firework patterns: A firework looks like this: Picture from Anatomy of a Firework, PBS. The fuse sets off a charge, which ignites the gunpowder. This propels the firework into the sky.

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What is the best way to describe fireworks? Update Cancel. a d b y D u c k D u c k G o. Fireworks could be defined as: “Energetic chemical reactions producing heat, color, sound and other effects leading to sensory stimulation.” What would be the best way to describe this way of feeling about life?

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The fireworks were bursting through the dark sky. They were flashing and banging and sparkling. The fountains my dad set off were also screeching. We celebrate bonfire night because Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London.

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Fireworks Types and Definitions. In fireworks, a missile is a sky rocket that does not have a stick for guidance. Instead, it may rotate to give it some stability as it lifts off, or may be shot from a tube (like Saturn Missile Batteries). Another way to describe this effect is a small peony inside a larger peony. Planes. A term for a

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Use a wide vocabulary and range of sentence structures to achieve particular effects and to sustain your reader’s interest Use paragraphs, accurate spelling and punctuation to make your meaning clear, and to make your ideas fit together Write coherent and interesting descriptions

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Jan 19, 2019 · ® Categories Entertainment & Arts Performing Arts Pyrotechnics and Fireworks What words describe a firework display? Words that describe fireworks are: . risk, ski, sky…

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How do you write a sentence describing fireworks?

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