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Doug Lea. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Douglas S. Lea is a professor of On October 22, 2010, Doug Lea notified the Java Community Process Executive Committee he would not stand for reelection. Lea was re-elected as an at-large member for the 2012 OpenJDK governing board.

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Companion site for Java Concurrency in Practice by Brian Goetz, with Tim Peierls, Joshua Bloch, Joseph Bowbeer, David Holmes, Doug Lea. Addison-Wesley, 2006. Software JSR166 (JDK1.5 java.util.concurrent and jsr166x) specs, etc.

Concurrent Programming in Java : Design Principles and

doug lea concurrent programming java threads java concurrency design patterns worth the effort programming in java higher level may want need to know ever read difficult to read book contains book that covers book is written reading this book lea book great book programming book examples.


Doug Lea Discusses the Fork/Join Framework

Doug Lea talks to InfoQ about the evolution of the Fork/Join Framework, the new features planned for java.util.concurrent in Java 7, and the “Extra 166” package. The interview goes on to explore

Design principles and patterns – Doug Lea’s Workstation

Design principles and patterns Online Supplement This is the supplement to the book Concurrent Programming in Java: Design Principles and Patterns by Doug Lea (ISBN 0-201-31009-0).

Java ConcurrentHashMap is better than HashMap performance

When Java was young Doug Lea wrote the seminal book[8] Concurrent Programming in Java. Along with the book he developed several thread-safe collection, which later became part of the JDK in the java.util.concurrent package.

Java Concurrency in Practice: Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls

Java Concurrency in Practice [Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls, Joshua Bloch, Joseph Bowbeer, David Holmes, Doug Lea] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I was fortunate indeed to have worked with a fantastic team on the design and implementation of the concurrency features added to the Java platform in Java 5.0 and Java 6.

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Draft Java Coding Standard – Doug Lea’s Workstation

Draft Java Coding Standard written by Doug Lea and released to the public domain. Contents Structure and Documentation Standard ways to write and document constructions. Naming conventions Standard ways to name identifiers (class names, method names, variable names, etc). Recommendations


A Java Fork/Join Framework – Doug Lea’s Workstation

A Java Fork/Join Framework Doug Lea State University of New York at Oswego Oswego NY 13126 315−341−2688 [email protected] ABSTRACT This paper describes the design, implementation, and

Authors: Doug LeaAffiliation: State University of New York at OswegoAbout: Java · Work stealing · Asynchronous communication · Input/output

Scalable IO in Java http://gee.cs.oswego – Doug Lea’s

Using other java.nio features ” Multiple Selectors per Reactor To bind different handlers to different IO events May need careful synchronization to coordinate ” File transfer Automated file-to-net or net-to-file copying ” Memory-mapped files Access files via buffers ” …

Doug Lea’s util.concurrent.PooledExecutor | Oracle Community

Mar 05, 2007 · The isAlive() method is actually from java.lang.Thread, see that the class Job extends Thread. There is no overrided method in the Job class. I modified the SOP to be as below and now it works. Doug Lea’s util.concurrent.PooledExecutor. 807592 Mar …

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