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Apr 14, 1965 · With Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Deborah Walley, Harvey Lembeck. In the fourth of the highly successful Frankie and Annette beach party movies, a motorcycle gang led by Eric Von Zipper kidnaps singing star Sugar Kane managed by Bullets, who hires sky-diving surfers Steve and Bonnie from Big Drop for a publicity stunt.


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However, Von Zipper’s finger never worked on others, only himself Once Von Zipper became paralyzed (usually with a big open-mouthed smile on his face), the Rats Mice would carry him out and declare “Eric Von Zipper will return!”

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President Lyndon Johnson chose this company to give a command performance at the White House. During a dispute at the Big Daddys nightclub, Sutwell — who is being threatened by Von Zipper — applies his right index finger to a “key spot” on Zipper’s left temple.

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“Yep, it’s me.” Iconic full-size image of the stumbling, overconfident outlaw biker and leader of the Ratz and Mice motorcycle gang from the 1960s Beach Party movie series. Wordlessly proclaims “Stand aside everyone! I take large steps!” We think Eric would like this one, and when Eric Von Zipper likes someone, dey stay liked. 100% Cotton.

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Dec 08, 2006 · Eric Von Zipper and the Rats and Mice. When he was hired in 1963 to appear as Von Zipper in Beach Party, he was one of the oldest cast members at age 40. Von Zipper was the leader of the Ratz and Mice, the standing arch-enemies of the surfing kids (or, as described by Von Zipper, “dem no good soifing bums.”) Suffice to say,

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Famously, his Von Zipper was the perpetual victim of the series’ delightfully absurd “Himalayan Suspender” finger technique, which often left his character in a state of grinning catatonia. Having never retired, he died of a heart attack in 1982 at age 58.

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Bikini Beach Quotes Found 14 quotes. [ Page 1 of 1 ] . 1 1 “[Eric Von Zipper’s motorcycle once again runs away and crashes] J.D. Eric Von Zipper: Hey, that’s right. How’d you know that I dropped out of school at the third grade?” Bikini Beach . Fav. Comment . Add Topic Movie

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Harvey Lembeck (April 15, 1923 – January 5, 1982) was an American comedic actor best remembered for his role as Cpl. Rocco Barbella on The Phil Silvers Show (a.k.a. Sgt. Bilko , a.k.a. You’ll Never Get Rich) in the late 1950s, and as the stumbling, overconfident quasi-outlaw biker Eric Von Zipper in beach party movies during the 1960s.

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be apart of Eric Von Zipper’s, Rat Pack from Beach Blanket Bingo

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