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Created by: Walter E. Diemer

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Although colored balls of bubble gum had long been sold from vending machines, Dubble Bubble, the first true bubble gum, had never done this. Concord was the first to actually start selling colored vending-machine gumballs with the Dubble Bubble brand. Later, in 2004, Concord, in turn, was acquired by Tootsie Roll Industries.

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Main ingredients: gum base, sweeteners, plasticizers, flavors, colors, polyols

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Diemer might have invented bubble gum, but he wasn’t the first person who wanted to make gum bubbles. There were early attempts at making bubble gum in the late 1800s and early 1900s; however, these bubble gums did not sell well because they were considered too wet and usually broke before a good bubble was formed.

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The Invention and History of Bubble Gum. Chewing gum has a history that spans as far back as the ancient Greeks, who chewed the resin from mastic trees. However, it wasn’t until 1928 that Walter Diemer happened upon just the right gum recipe to make the very first bubble gum, a special type of chewing gum that allows the chewer to make those big pink bubbles.

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Chew on This: The History of Gum. In 1906, he concocted a bubble gum he called Blibber-Blubber, but it proved to be too sticky. In 1928, a Fleer employee named Walter Diemer finally devised a successful formula for the first commercial bubble gum, dubbed Dubble Bubble.

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That is why most bubble gum today is pink. Gilbert Mustin, President of Fleer named the gum Dubble Bubble and it controlled the bubble-gum market unchallenged for years, at least until Bazooka came along to share the wealth. Walter Diemer stayed with Fleer for decades, eventually becoming a …

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For that matter, bubble gum also lets adults feel like kids when they pop a piece into their mouths and start blowing away. B. It teaches kids about charity Bubble Gum Day teaches kids the value of charity and of giving to a worthy cause. By requiring a 50 cent donation for the right to chew gum on February 1, kids understand they’re part of a day that is doing some good in the world. C.

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History of Chewing Gum. In the late 1960’s, they introduced the first sugar free bubble gum called Blammo. As the time passed, many experiments were carried out to obtain different types and flavors of gums. Today, there are hundreds gum flavors from classic vanilla to the coke flavor.

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