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Definition of fixed position layout: A production technique used to assemble products that are too large, bulky, or fragile to safely or effectively move to a location for completion. In a fixed position layout, personnel, supplies, and

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In fixed position layout, the main product being produced is fixed at a particular location.Resources, such as equipment, labor and material are brought to that fixed location. This type of layout is useful when the product being processed is very big, heavy or difficult to move.

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Fixed position layout. Deals with large scale processes. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE 28 terms. Chapter 11: Facility Layout Planning and Design. 25 terms. systems planning test 1 CH 5. 20 terms. Chapter 6. 26 terms. Chapter 6: Process Selection and Facility Layout. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. 2 terms.

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Table 7.1 summarizes the differences between product and process layouts. Fixed-Position Layouts. Fixed-position layouts are typical of projects in which the product produced is too fragile, bulky, or heavy to move. Ships, houses, and aircraft are examples. In this layout, the product remains stationary for the entire manufacturing cycle.

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The fixed position layout has several advantages that make it the appropriate plan that can be used in a factory setting. To begin with, there is minimal investment on the layout.

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Fixed position layout allows workers to congregate around the product to be complicated when the company working on a huge project such as airplane.This layout is an example of facility layout.

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