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The depth from the surface at which ground water is found is called the water table. The water table can be as shallow as a foot below the ground or it can be a few hundred meters deep. Heavy rains can cause the water table to rise and conversely, continuous extraction of ground …

Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources

Mandate : To Develop and disseminate technologies, and monitor and implement national policies for the Scientific and Sustainable development and management of India’s Ground Water Resources, including their exploration, assessment, conservation, augmentation, protection from pollution and distribution, based on principles of economic and ecological efficiency and equity.

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Ground Water

Ground Water which is in aquifers below the earth surface is among the world’s most important natural resources. Ground water is the source of water used for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes and is about 42% of world’s total water resource.

India Groundwater: a Valuable but Diminishing Resource

Groundwater in India is a critical resource. However, an increasing number of aquifers are reaching unsustainable levels of exploitation. If current trends continue, in 20 years about 60% of all India’s aquifers will be in a critical condition says a World Bank report, Deep Wells and Prudence.

From Evidence to Policy in India’s Groundwater Crisis

India’s groundwater depletion is a national crisis. More than half of wells show declining groundwater levels. Declining surface water availability is further prompting desperate and agitated

India’s groundwater crisis – Global Water Forum

Jul 29, 2018 · India’s groundwater crisis. Groundwater is a critical resource in India, accounting for over 65% of irrigation water and 85% of drinking water supplies. 4 However, on current trends it is estimated that 60% of groundwater sources will be in a critical …

Five steps to avoid a global water tragedy – Global Water Aug 23, 2018
Micro-irrigation in India: An Jun 13, 2017

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Coca-Cola – Groundwater Depletion and Pollution in India

Coca-Cola operates 58 water-intensive bottling plants in India. In the southern Indian village of Plachimada in Kerala state, for example, persistent droughts have dried up groundwater and local wells, forcing many residents to rely on water supplies trucked in daily by the government.

India’s groundwater crisis –

India’s north-western region is widely considered to be the country’s granary, with states such as Punjab and Haryana accounting for a large share of the country’s agricultural output and

NASA – NASA Satellites Unlock Secret to Northern India’s

The map shows groundwater changes in India during 2002-08, with losses in red and gains in blue, based on GRACE satellite observations. The estimated rate of depletion of groundwater in northwestern India is 4.0 centimeters of water per year, equivalent to a water table decline of 33 centimeters per year.

Ground Water

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Groundwater depletion in India worst in world: NASA

Among the world’s largest groundwater basins, the Indus Basin aquifer of India and Pakistan, which is a source of fresh water for millions of people, is the second-most overstressed with no

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