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Top 10 Fitness Facts – Better information. Better health.

Exercise Boosts Brainpower. Not only does exercise improve your body, it helps your mental …

70 Quick Health Facts: Food, Fitness, Hydration, Random (Fun!)

General Health Facts. These health facts cover a range of topics to provide you with knowledge and insights into how you can better take care of yourself and information about health around the world.

40 Facts about Fitness |

40 Facts about Fitness. 18 A person breathes 7 quarts of air every minute. 19 Your heart is the strongest muscle of your body and beats about 100,000 times in one day, in an average adult. 20 Forward locomotion such as walking or running is actually the process of losing and catching one’s balance.

6 Fitness Myths, Busted (and 3 Surprising Facts) – Health

6 Fitness Myths, Busted (And 3 Surprising Facts) Purge these common mistakes from your workout and watch your body get stronger, fitter, and leaner.

Interesting and Fun Facts | Fitness & Nutrition Facts

Hundreds of interesting facts about fitness and nutrition for men and women. Updated weekly with new facts about exercise, healthy eating, and much more! Just adding any type of movement into your daily routine can increase your level of overall health and wellbeing.

42 Health And Wellness Facts – Fitness and Diet

“Did you know facts about health and fitness” – This compilation contains some accurate research that has been done by reputable bodies regarding Health and Wellness facts. Some of these you will classify as some interesting health and wellness facts because they really are …

11 Facts About Fitness |

Exercise makes you feel more energized because it releases endorphins into the blood.

50 Fitness Truths That Will Make You Rethink Your Lifestyle

Fitness Truths. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, and alcohol have 4, 4, 9, and 7 calories per gram respectively. You need to burn about 3500 calories to lose 1 pound of fat. Insulin and growth hormone have an inverse relationship. You must keep insulin under control if you want growth hormone to do its job of mobilizing fat.

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