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What Is Load Balancing? How Load Balancers Work

In such environments it greatly helps if the load balancer can dynamically add or remove servers from the group without interrupting existing connections. Hardware vs. Software Load Balancing. Load balancers typically come in two flavors: hardware-based and software-based.

How load balancing works –

In a load balancing setup, the load balancing server is logically located between the client and the server farm, and manages traffic flow to the servers in the server farm. On the NetScaler appliance, the application servers are represented by virtual entities called services.

How Elastic Load Balancing Works – Elastic Load Balancing

Availability Zones and Load Balancer Nodes

How Does Load Balancing Work? – Cisco

Per-Destination and Per-Packet Load Balancing. The way in which CEF works is that CEF does the switching of the packet based on the routing table which is being populated by the routing protocols such as EIGRP. In short, CEF performs the load-balancing once the routing protocol table is calculated.

How does Software and Hardware Load Balancer Work

Load balancer will distribute the work-load of your system to multiple individual systems, or group of systems to to reduce the amount of load on an individual system, which in turn increases the reliability, efficiency and availability of your enterprise application or website.

How Load Balancing Works – Radware

How Load Balancing Works In the past, organizational leaders and administrators relied on domain name service (DNS) redirection to manage the flow of traffic. Because today’s users routinely issue multiple DNS requests, managing requests through DNS …

How does Load Balancing Work (F5 Load Balancing)

Load balancing is used when you want to balance the load between 2 nodes. You have to have 2 machines by default to load balance. Simply setting up 2 nodes that are identical does not provide load balancing. This would simply be 2 identical nodes which are independent from each other.

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