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A linebacker who can fulfill all his duties must know how to get low in order to get past the blocker and get to the quarterback. Force fumbles from receivers or running backs who carry the ball loosely. A good linebacker has to sense the opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them.

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Step 5. Strengthen your core. You must be strong from head to toe to play linebacker. You don’t make tackles with your arms alone, for example; you need strong leg and core muscles to push a charging runner back. Perform basic exercises such as sit-ups or crunches, as …

The 5 Step Progression To Developing Great Linebackers

The 5 Step Progression To Developing Great Linebackers. We can coach linebacker in five phases. These are based on what is most important for your players. Phase 1: Get to the right place. Phase 2: Defeat the block. Phase 3: Make the tackle. Phase 4: Put it all together. Phase 5: Be Everywhere.

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Linebackers must be versatile in their athletic ability, and have good size and strength but not at the sacrifice of speed. Linebackers, especially those in the middle, must be alert and have a great understanding of football, with an instinct to read plays quickly and call out discrepancies or audibles to the rest of the defense.

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2. Linebackers also are required to have tremendous quickness and agility to perform at a high level. During off season training periods including jump roping and speed ladder drills will enhance improvement in this area. These types of exercises should be done two to three times a week.

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