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Which Part of Your Foot You Should Land on When Running

The traditional answer is that the middle of your foot is the best place to land when running. You should land mid-sole and then roll through to the front of your toes. Proponents of this view say that you want to avoid being a heel-striker. If you land on your heels, you are stopping your forward momentum and causing undue stress on your knees.

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Way back in 2010, Pete Larson of Runblogger wrote a great post debunking the notion that your foot should land directly underneath your body, pointing out that even Pose and Chi gurus who advocate

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The key is to land with a bent knee and your foot parallel to the ground. The foot should neither point down, nor up, but parallel. As your shin pendulums on swing it will slow and come to meet the ground, avoiding over extension or the infamous ‘Air Jordan’ pose from Nike.

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When you run, you might worry about a number of things that impact your speed, endurance and the risk of injury. How you land on your foot — your foot strike — is often one of …

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Nov 29, 2011 · Stop landing on your heel. The key to good form is contacting the ground with the front half of your foot first. This is more difficult to do in heavy trainers, and next to impossible to avoid when barefoot. The exact contact spot varies from person to person. Some land on the ball of their foot (forefoot landing),

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It’s All About Form. Your running economy measures how you use oxygen while you run. Proper form while running affects your running economy, and this goes beyond your foot strikes. To run in perform form, start by keeping your back and neck straight by looking straight ahead. Relax your shoulders, drop them low and keep them level.

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