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Catalyst. Hydriodic acid, because of its strong reducing ability and acidity, is commonly used to produce acetic acid. Acetic acid, although toxic to humans in concentrated forms, is the basic chemical that produces vinegar. Hydriodic acid is also commonly used in both organic and inorganic iodide preparations; however,

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57% Hydriodic Acid – Step by Step Write-Up. The jail time comes from making meth with it, or selling it to meth chemists, but avoiding prison is where your native cunning comes into play. Check out the legality of hydriodic in your neck of the woods before you make several hundred liters, just in case.

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Preparation of hydroiodic acid from hydrogen and iodine. The flask is connected with a glass tube, 80-100 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter, which is packed with platinized asbestos for a distance of about 15 cm, starting 5 cm from the flask containing the iodine. A circular oven is arranged to heat only the forward portion of the tube.

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we prepare 0.2N wij solution by using Iodine Monochloride and Glacial Acetic acid by adding iodine monochloride and glacial acetic acid by 2:3 persent.

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May 22, 2016 · Recipe: 79 mL 85% phosphoric acid 166g KI (potassium iodide) distill at 200c (oil bath) This will yield 37 mL of 65% hydroiodic acid (do not try to concentrate further! It won’t work and you will

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Dilute hydriodic acid boils at lower temperature. A small portion of dilute acid will come over until the temperature at the still head stabilizes at 127 C. The dilute acid can be further concentrated by reboiling, but there will always be a fraction that is less than 57% and which comes over at a lower temperature.

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Dec 08, 2014 · Hydriodic acid synthesis video (Question) I have made a video showing how to make hydriodic acid using the method outlined by Argox in the Erowid Archive. I live in Canada and I destroyed the HI after making it. I am just wondering what the legality is regarding making a …

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Jul 10, 2006 · 57% Hydriodic Acid Solution For a certain reaction what if someone needed 57% HI(aq.) and could not purchase it. But can obtain lots of Red phosphorus, Iodine, and Water. BTW, this is not for methamphetamine so those that think just mix them all in situ thats not what is being asked.

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The anhydrous acetic acid solutions were prepared by adding the aqueous hydriodic acid to the appropriate quantity of degassed acetic anhydride, with control of the exotherm to below 55°C. The clear and colourless solution was then cooled to 20°C prior to the addition of …

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