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Make one short-term—”I’ll go to two networking events this month”—to get an instant sense of satisfaction that you’re opening doors to a happier future.

24 Ways To Make A Slow Work Day Go By Faster, Because

Get lost in social media (duh, right?) A random acquaintance from high school just got married? Of …

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If a coworker asks how to make work go by faster, simply suggest a stroll to the office vending machine. 10. Go for a walk. If getting up and around the office isn’t quite working, excuse yourself and go for a quick walk outside. Enjoy the weather, clear your head, then get back in there and finish up your work.

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One piece of advice is to never or at least limit the number of times you check the time. Try to remove all clocks from your work station (even though it is unavoidable sometimes in the case of …

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Jun 18, 2009 · By actually working 😛 In all the jobs I’ve had, the busier I was the faster time seemed to go by. When it’s dead at the nursery satellite I work at, time goes by very slowly for me.

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