how to pronounce phishing

How to pronounce phishing:

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How to pronounce PHISHING in English – Cambridge Dictionary

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phishing pronunciation: How to pronounce phishing in

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PHISHING | Pronunciation in English

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How to say or pronounce Phishing –

How to say or pronounce Phishing in different languages and countries. Pronunciation guide for the name of people and places. Find, submit and requests pronunciations Pronunciation of Phishing Pronunciation: f-ishing Upload the Wav/MP3 file / Record Phishing in …

phishing – pronunciation of phishing by Macmillan Dictionary

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How do you pronounce the word phishing –

The ‘ph’ has an ‘f’ sound, so the word ‘phishing’ is pronounced exactly the same as the word ‘fishing’ (FISH-ing).

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Dec 26, 2006 · In English, ‘p’ and ‘h’ together make an ‘f’ sound, hence it’s pronounced just like ‘fishing’. Also, when someone sends you a ‘phising’ email they’re fishing for your login or credit card details which is where the word came from.

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