how to study from powerpoint lectures

Student Study Tips: Learn More From PowerPoint Lectures

The Wrong Way to Use PowerPoint. Some professors put far too much information on a slide, and then spent 10 minutes explaining the slide with a laser pointer (or at least, trying to explain it). Some professors put quotes on slides, and then they read those quotes aloud at half the pace it …

How to effectively study and memorize powerpoint slides

How do you effectively study and memorize powerpoint slides from lectures?

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My school doesnt recommend or use any textbooks, but uses powerpoint slides of the lectures. For example, biochemistry. We have a 200 page syllabus written by the professor, and on top of that, around, 1000 slides.

Top responsesRedditMidway through first year, I ditched studying from lecture slides and started using review books instead.2 votesI rewrite my PowerPoint slides. (1) I like to organize it my way (2) I learn & memorize by writing (3) I draw as much as I can (versus words) (4) I color-code, I … read more2 votesOur school gives us PowerPoints one lecture at a time. I usually take notes right on the notes section and study the entire slide first, then notes the first time … read more1 voteCopy pasta into anki cards. Use the image occlusion plug in.1 voteSee all

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Sep 27, 2014 · I’m personally not a fan of power point presentations as the predominant form of notes for a class because of their bare-bones skeleton nature. Worse is if the power points are written in fragment sentences. If you have means of re-listening or re-watching lectures, I feel this is the way to go in conjunction with the power point slides.

How to Study–How to Take Lecture Notes

How to Take Lecture Notes. Good lecture notes record the meaning of the lecture, its general direction, and points for further study. If special presentations are made (e.g., film, audio, DVD, overhead, or PowerPoint presentations), take especial care to take thorough notes.

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Using Study Groups Study Groups can be very beneficial in some situations. There are Several things to consider when thinking about using Study Groups: 1. Benefits of a Study Group 2.

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Make an Animated Map Quiz. If you’re studying geography or history and you know you’ll be …

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