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Industrial Insulation. Johns Manville’s Industrial Insulation Group is the leading manufacturer of thermal insulation solutions for high-temperature industrial applications. We offer the broadest range of insulation solutions engineered for the most demanding industrial applications. Each of our products provides unique features

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S & S Industrial Insulation, Inc. “Shipping across the USA and around the world” High temperature rubber insulation, Electric Heating Products/Pipe Trace: sidewalks • freeze protection • roof and gutter • process heat • controls • MORE INFORMATION.

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Other Common Insulation Materials. One in particular is Pyrogel XT. Pyrogel is one of the most efficient industrial insulations in the world. Its required thicknesses are 50% – 80% less than other insulation materials. Although a little more expensive than some of the other insulation materials, Pyrogel is being used more and more for specific applications.

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Industrial Insulations carries a variety of acoustical insulation and materials used for sound control and noise reduction. We always have acoustic wallboard and tackboard including fiberglass and synthetic boards and blankets.

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Industrial Insulation Materials We offer wide range of Industrial Insulation Materials to our clients. These products include Ceramic Insulation Products, Insulation Materials, Rockwool Insulation Materials, Ducting Solution, Insulation Adhesives, Insulation Ancillary Material, Waterproofing Materials and Finger glass Products.

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BNZ Materials is a world leading manufacturer of specialty industrial insulation materials with over 16 types of Insulating FireBricks available for use in applications from 2000°F to 3200°F to meet the specific needs of a variety of industries.

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Detail-oriented Insulation Services. As an experienced industrial insulation contractor, Loenbro’s high-quality products meet specifications for manufacturing plants, refineries and other industrial structures.Our team conducts a full analysis prior to beginning any …

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Industrial Mineral Wool. Industrial Insulation Group MinWool-1200® Industrial Board Insulation is made from basalt, a volcanic rock, and bound with a thermosetting resin. Advanced manufacturing technology ensures that our mineral wool products have consistent product quality, with high fiber-density and low shot-content,

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PRODUCTS. DI supplies a wide range of insulation materials to industrial and commercial markets across North America. We partner with best-in-class manufacturers to make superior availability and product knowledge part of our routine.

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Industrial Insulation Sales, Inc. has been meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers for more than 50 years. We are a leading distributor and fabricator of industrial and commercial insulations; pipe insulation, blanket insulation, board insulation, spray foam insulation, firestop products and industrial applications from leading

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Industrial heat shield and thermal insulation solutions. We cover it all from your factory ovens, to your power plant keeping the production line going. Heatshield Products can help to reduce energy costs by making industrial dryer ovens & applications more efficient with our industrial heat insulation products.

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