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A mathematical tool used in production engineering to assess well performance by plotting the well production rate against the flowing bottomhole pressure (BHP). The data required to create the IPR are obtained by measuring the production rates under various drawdown pressures.

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Reservoir inflow performance is the reservoir pressure-rate behavior of an individual well. This article discusses the mathematical estimation of inflow performance. but the pressure-squared relationship has a limited range of applicability because of the compressible nature of the fluid. Strictly speaking, the only time the pressure

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The relationship of liquid inflow rate to bottomhole flowing pressure is called the IPR (Inflow Performance Relationship). By plotting this relationship, the well’s flow potential or rate can be determined at various flowing sandface pressures.


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The Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) for a well is the relationship between the flow rate of the well q and the flowing pressure of the well p wf. In single phase flow this is a straight line but when gas is moving in the reservoir, at a pressure

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Vogel’s inflow performance relationship: Productivity of an oil well draining a solution-gas drive reservoir was investigated by Vogel using numerical simulation. A total of 21 simulations covering a wide range of oil, PVT properties, and relative permeabilities were made [ SPE-26201-MS ].

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Mar 21, 2016 · Vogel showed that as depletion proceeds in a solution-gas drive reservoir, the productivity of typical well decreases, primarily because the reservoir pressure is reduced and because the increasing gas saturation causes greater resistance to oil flow. The result is a progressive deterioration of the inflow performance relationship.

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The relationship between well flow rate and the pressure drawdown (or flowing bottomhole pressure FBHP) is defined as the Inflow performance relationship (IPR). If the FBHP is below the bubblepoint pressure or if inertial effects become significant at high rates, IPR becomes curvilinear rather than linear.

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Inflow performance of a reservoir is defined as the functional relationship between the flowing bottom-hole and the resulting flow rate. It is the rate at which fluid will flow towards the wellbore and depends on the viscosity of the fluid, the permeability of the rock, and the driving force.



INFLOW PERFORMANCE RELATIONSHIPS (IPR) FOR SOLUTION GAS DRIVE RESERVOIRS — A SEMI-ANALYTICAL APPROACH A Thesis by The concept of an Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) has long been used to predict or estimate the relationship between pressure drop in the reservoir (drawdown) and well flowrates (production).

Published in: Journal of Petroleum Technology · 1989Authors: Rodolfo G Camachov · Rajagopal RaghavanAbout: Skin effect · Darcy’s law · Petroleum · Well stimulation · Gas oil ratio · Relative perme…

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