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The polyurethane insulated rail joints is featured to a micro alloy joint bar sections. Through ultra-violet, ozone, weathering abrasion, or the shock and flexing stresses of heavy rail traffic, it is a specially formulated compound.

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Some insulated joints are unavoidable within turnouts. Another alternative is the axle counter, which can reduce the number of track circuits and thus the number of insulated rail joints required. Continuous welded rail

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Insulated rail joint is a compromising rail joint. Rail joint, commonly known as railway fish plate, it plays a role in connecting two rails.In general, rail joint is made of metal material, but insulated rail joint is a special type that made of insulating material.

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Poly-insulated Rail Joint. Polyurethane insulated rail joint is with a polyurethane insulation bonded to micro-alloy joint bar sections. This polyurethane plate can provide reliable circuit isolation and maintain electrical stability in the heavy rails under varying environmental conditions.

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Seneca Railroad and Mining, Inc. is the manufacturer of high quality, polyurethane insulated rail joints, insulated rubber plates and pads used for railroad crossings, turnouts and switches.

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Poly-Insulated Joints A&K insulated rail joints feature a tough polyurethane insulation bonded to micro- alloy joint bar sections. The one piece polyurethane/steel structure provides reliable circuit isolation and maintains electrical and physical stability in heavy rail …

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Insulated rail joints We produce and market various types of insulated joints with different properties according to the type of force application, installation and manufacture. Their common advantages are: they offer the highest safety, reliability and durability – in all climates.

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Bolted Insulated Rail Joints. ComPly ™ Epoxy Fiberglass Rail Joints (Dry). Made from ComPly ™ material, which features a fiberglass reinforced cured epoxy composite utilizing continuous non-woven glass filaments oriented in manufacturing to provide optimum strength, stiffness, and fatigue resistance. The electrical-grade epoxy resin and glass fibers provide the ultimate in electrical

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STB Insulated Rail Joint System from HIRD Rail Development – Designed to last as long as the rail . HIRD Rail have manufactured and supplied insulated rail joints for over 10 years. Our technical expertise and manufacturing experience combined with extensive design and product development has lead to a world leading joint system.

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Insulated Rail Joints (IRJs) provide rail track joins with structural stability whilstmaintaining electric circuit integrity for track-based signal systems. Unfortunately, IRJs also have the shortest mean service life out of all railway track components and constitute a major maintenance issue.

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INSULATED RAIL JOINT. 1. INTRODUCTION It is well known that with the increase in passenger traffic there is increased reliance on the Railways as a


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Sep 25, 2014 · The Tenconi Labyrinth end post has been d Skip navigation Servicing of an Insulated Rail Joint using the Tenconi Labyrinth end-post Road Rail Multi Purpose Maintenance Vehicles made by



(a) Insulated Rail Joints Class ‘A’ (b) Insulated Rail Joints Class ‘B’ (c) Insulated Rail Joints Class ‘C’ 2.1. INSULATED RAIL JOINT CLASS “A” These Insulation Joints are made of a special type of wood and used in Yards where the speed of trains are slow. 2.2. INSULATED RAIL JOINT CLASS “B” These Insulation Joints are made up of Nylon 66.

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