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19 Free Public Data Sets for Your First Data Science

United States Census Data: The U.S. Census Bureau publishes reams of demographic data at the …

100+ Interesting Data Sets for Statistics –

Interesting Data Sets * If, tomorrow, you get an email congratulating you on your new status as future Jeopardy contestant, how are you going to prepare? Well, one approach might be to download this archive of 216,930 past Jeopardy questions and plug them into your favorite spaced repetition system .

18 places to find data sets for data science – Dataquest

Data Sets For Data Visualization Projects

Cool Datasets

A place to find cool datasets. Cool Datasets. A place to find cool datasets. Follow us on Twitter for updates! @cooldatasets. Now anyone can submit datasets! Submit. This data set includes provider data for the hip/knee complication measure, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) measures of serious complications.

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100+ Interesting Data Sets for Data Science

Read full list if you find these examples interesting. 100+ Interesting Data Sets for Data Science. Posted by Mirko Krivanek on June 6, 2014 at n-gram data freely available. An n-gram is an n word phrase, and the data set includes 1-grams through 5-grams. The data set is “based originally on 5.2 million books published between 1500

Cool Data Sets I’ve found – Towards Data Science

Everyone should be signed up for the data is plural newsletter by Jeremy Singer-Vine. He sends out 5 cool data sets every Wednesday. There is a spreadsheet on this main page with all of the past data sets, they’re so cool.

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Interesting Datasets. The data sets that follow are all in CSV format unless otherwise noted. Some of these datasets are original and were developed for statistics classes at Calvin College. Others come from the Data and Story Library. Others come from various R packages.

Big Data: 33 Brilliant And Free Data Sources Anyone Can Use

Feb 12, 2016 · Big Data: 33 Brilliant And Free Data Sources Anyone Can Use. of free data sets available, ready to be used and analyzed by anyone willing to look for them. Socrata is another interesting

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I chose not just because it met those needs but also because it was easy to access and the platform sets us up for future ways of working with data. With we are better able to scale our analytics solutions – handling more data at less cost than we could before.

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