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Is the Moon Really Made of Cheese? This NASA moon rock was collected by astronauts on the Apollo 14 mission to the lunar surface in 1971. And there was a time when even the smartest

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Though the idea that the moon is made of cheese has been around for millennia, it’s doubtful that anyone ever actually believed it, at least not academically. The earliest record of this bizarre notion comes from a medieval Servian yarn in which a ravenous wolf chases a seemingly-hapless fox,

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Therefore, the moon is a cheese. Negative: You have heard my worthy opponent say that the moon is made of cheese because it is round and yellow. Now, gentlemen, I submit that roundness and yellowness do not constitute the distinctive qualities by which a cheese is distinguished from that which is not a cheese.

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May 10, 2006 · shut up dumbo, if moon was made of cheese Kraft wud sponser all the nasa’s trips to moon and that wud solve the nasa’s funding problem. hardik u · 1 decade ago 0

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SR: The moon is not made of cheese. We have evidence of the moon landings. And moon rocks differ so much from earth rocks, you couldn’t just exchange some rocks found on the ground with moon rocks. And they found no evidence of cheese anywhere. MDS: The moon is 99% cheese.

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The Crust, Mantle, and Core of the Moon. The largest portion of the Moon is the mantle. This is the layer between the crust (the part we see) and the inner core. The lunar mantle is believed to consist of olivine, orthopyroxene, and clinopyroxene.

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Moon Not Made of Cheese, Physicist Explains. Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll at the ScienceWriters2011 conference in Flagstaff on October 17th. “Well, we know the mass of the moon, the density and so forth, but don’t think that you fully understand the properties of lunar green cheese, this is very dense cheese.

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Jun 09, 2013 · Yes, yes it is. When Neil Armstrong first went to the moon in the 60’s, he and Buzz Aldrin found that the moon was in fact made of cheese and decided to bring some back.

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