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Chart Elements. A linear responsibility chart displays just like a common spreadsheet. It consists of rows for each core project responsibility and columns for the project leader and team members names. Assigned numeric symbols, which typically range from one to-four. Identify and link primary, support, review and approval responsibilities to

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Linear Responsibility Charts(LRC): A chart that is in the form of a matrix with project tasks listed in rows and individuals and departments in the columns. LRC is also referred to as a responsibility matrix. As many different responsibility links or duties can be created in an LRC that is needed or relevant to a given circumstance.

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Linear responsibility charts. A Linear responsibility chart is that various levels of responsibility, approvals, consultation etc. are needed for different project activities. A representation of the various elements which may be included in the responsibility matrix are: ngeneral management responsibility. noperations management responsibility.

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Introduction. As a contribution to Building Practice Guidelines, these Linear Responsibility Chart templates list the typical tasks involved in a building project according to its phase or stage. Each entry recommends who should take the lead and who else should …


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Linear Responsibility Chart (LRC) • Structure – Row for each task – Column for each participant • Indicates type of responsibility (primary, consulting, reviewing, etc.) for each task – …

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Knowing who is slated to do what is a crucial part of project management. This video looks at RACI’s cousin the Linear Responsibility Chart.

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May 18, 2017 · Knowing who is slated to do what is a crucial part of project management. Following our earlier video on RACI Charts, this video looks at RACI’s cousin the Linear Responsibility Chart.

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