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Liquid Crystal Temperature Monitoring Temperature indicators are generally located near food, medical or pharmaceutical products and efficiently monitor that temperatures stay within certain levels. By doing this, companies are able to prevent losses due to unacceptable levels.

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Dependable Solutions for a Range of Temperature. You can rely on our easy-to-read and precise temperature label indicators for your temperature monitoring needs. ATI’s custom liquid crystal solutions allow you to determine size and shape to fit your needs. Products range from -9°C up to 65°C. Top companies in drug testing, medical device,

Liquid Crystal Thermometers (LCs) – LCR Hallcrest

The most prevalent use of liquid crystal is as a self adhesive reversible temperature indicator label that continually monitors temperature offering a visual readout that ranges from traditional numeric displays to custom graphics that can serve as an alert or warning.

Liquid Crystal Self Adhesive Thermometers: Reversible

Online Catalogue | Thermometer Labels & Thermometers | Liquid Crystal Thermometers Fridge Thermometer Scale: ºC Increment: 1°C Range: 1 to 12°C / 33.8 to 54°F An adhesive thermometer label that indicates a range of temperatures for use in refrigerators.

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An adhesive thermometer label for use in refrigerators that indicates a range of temperatures Ideal for ensuring for compliance with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC These liquid crystal Fridge thermometers can be used where fragile glass thermometers cannot, i.e. in critical areas, around food or where a stronger visual impact is required.

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Temperature Indicators. The Telatemp Temperature Indicators include Irreversible Temperature Labels, ColdSNAP Desending Temperature Recorders, WarmMark Time-Temp Tags, ColdMark Descending Temperature Tags, as well as Liquid Crystal Thermometer Strips and Sheets. We also produce special tags such as Hot Hands Warning Labels

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