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Licensing – International Olympic Committee

Long before an Olympic Games begins, the official licensing programme is pivotal in helping to build excitement in the host country, and around the world, by releasing merchandise and souvenirs that feature the Olympic marks and the Games emblem, which project the host city’s message onto the world stage and promote the Olympic brand.

The Surprisingly Smart Strategy Behind London’s Infamous

International branding consultancy Wolff Olins was no stranger to Olympic identities, having created the mark for the 2004 games in Athens. In 2006, the firm won the London logo and branding bid

Branding Blunders: The 2012 London Olympics Logo Controversy

The Olympic Games are no stranger to controversy and tragedy–and the London Olympics logo is a little bit of both. Since it was first revealed two years ago, the logo has been met with criticism for its radical design and even religious uproar when the word “zion” was thought to be hidden in the text.

Full Event Branding & Wayfinding For 2012 London Olympics

This was the largest event branding exercise ever undertaken in the UK with 809 km of bunting, 16,901 lamp post banners, 130km of fence scrim and 11,000 wayfinding signs. If you see any one of the millions of images captured during London 2012, we can boast “we did that” about the vibrant piece of branding undoubtedly in the shot.

Michael Phelps: Can He Keep Branding Power If He Loses?

But what about his brand and earning power if he loses at the 2012 Games? He’s won 16 Olympic medals, including eight golds in the 2008 Beijing Games. London Olympics 2012.

London 2012 Olympic Logo: Was It Really So Bad After All

Aug 08, 2012 · With the London Olympics now in its final days, explain some of the reasoning behind the branding, and look back at some of the critcisms, too. A few highlights:

Author: Tim Nudd

The London Olympics Didn’t Improve Life in East – CityLab

Looking back from Britain’s current chaotic state, the 2012 Summer Olympics seems like a golden era. Bringing the world’s attention to a run-down part on the city’s east side, the London

The Olympic brand maintains its global strength and

The Olympic brand maintains its global strength and recognition . facebook Share; twitter Share; The Olympic brand has maintained its very positive perception among the public, following the successful staging of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

London Olympics branding police subverted by devilish

LONDON — When sponsors pay millions to be the “official soft drink/clothier/wart remover/whatever” of the London Olympics, the Games’ organizers are going to vigilantly protect their brand’s

Branding London: selling an Olympic city of contradictions

Branding London: selling an Olympic city of contradictions Those tasked with marketing the capital for the 2012 Games have been working on what they hope is a winning strategy Sam Jones

The role of branding in London 2012 | Webdesigner Depot

The 2012 Olympic Games are soon to start, and there are a growing number of bloggers and websites, especially those from the social media sphere, raising awareness to the controversial role branding is playing in London 2012.

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