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Monolithic Sentence Examples To the south of the Anapus is the hill of Polichne, on which stood the Olympieium, attributed on stylistic grounds to 581 B.C. Its monolithic St Paul tarried at Syracuse three days on his way to Rome (Acts xxviii.

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Monolithic in a sentence. The sound was strange and confusing in such a monolithic sports arena, so it was hard to distinguish if those were hoots of approval or howls of derision. Within minutes, all Greegs were certain that the giant monolithic shards were in fact statues built by Greegs and had not minutes ago fallen from the sky.

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Sentence Examples. After several inches of shotcrete are in place, a monolithic dome of steel-reinforced concrete has been created. This 1980-81 piece is his last monolithic sculpture and his last to be of a single material. This section was conceived as having been carved out of a single monolithic block.

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164 sentence examples: 1. the monolithic proportions of Stalinist architecture. 2. a monolithic worldwide movement. 3. United had the consolation of piercing the monolithic Celtic rearguard once. 4. Monolithic notions of sanctity reveal a startling r

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Monolithic in a sentence. Religions look monolithic from a distance, but closer up they are a collection of debates. Thus the Times culture, which appears so monolithic from the outside, actually consists of two distinct and parallel cultures, each fully cognizant of the other: the …

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Sentences Containing ‘monolithic’. Over two million bricks were used in the construction of the walls and the concrete was placed in a monolithic continuous placement by section. Finally, they avoided any monolithic concept of mass culture. The theory which has been abandoned most massively is …

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Monolithic in a sentence. 44) Through taking the monolithic integrated circuit as the smallest hardware control system experiment, the control methods suited to temperature control of the vacuum freeze-drying equipment. 45) The HA-5002 is a monolithic, wideband, high …

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definition of monolith: a single large block or piece of stone, as in architecture or sculpture a sentence(s) using monolith: . Active volcanoes, ice fluted pyramids and …immense rock monoliths are just a few examples of what this fantastic continent has to offer. .

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Use monolithic in a sentence adjective The definition of monolithic is something that is literally or figuratively very large or massive, or something made of a single large block of stone.

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