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Urban Dictionary: muff

Muff is a term used in hockey when a player shoots the puck very weakly on net, when a player passes the puck softly and the other team intercepts it, or if a player throws a terrible saucer pass.

Urban Dictionary: Muff Muffs

A sex position where the man pops a chocolate muffin on the front of his willy and proceeds to anally pound a woman, afterwords eating the muffin/shit mixture out of her bumhole.

Urban Dictionary: muff

Muff: muff is now a very rare species of vagina, it is BIG HAIRY SMELLY FLOPPY STRETCHED WORNO OUt fud, these “muffs” are a dieing species since the invention of mufficide or more commonly know as a brazilian, did you know? each day over 1,000,000 muffs are killed in humanly by being ripped of with boiling hot wax or with a razor or even sometimes laser surgery, you’ve all heard of save the

Urban Dictionary: E muff

An English muffin. buy the domain for your diy vlog.;;;;

What does muff mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does muff mean in Urban Dictionary?: hand warmer; MUFF (The Melbourne Underground movie Festival) is an unbiased and non-profit organisation which …

What does muff mule mean in Urban Dictionary?

The muff mule utilizes its hill goat like beard and pronounced lips to pleasure the muff of any girl just who dares to interact with it. The muff mule will feast on a muff for more than 5 hours consecutively once he has seduced their victim.

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Definition of muff – The Online Slang Dictionary

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of muff is. The slang word / phrase / acronym muff means . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations.

What does Gorilla Muff mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Gorilla Muff mean in Urban Dictionary? January 9, 2019 Urban Dictionary. Link to this page. A variety of the Power Muff, the Gorilla muff may be the fullest of all of the feminine bushes. Not just does it protect all aspects of a woman’s reduced erogenous zones, it expands downwards to cover the top of thighs, up to pay for the

What Does muff cabbage Mean? | Slang by

Definitions for muff garbage also went up on Urban Dictionary after the episode, with some definers saying its variant muff cabbage renders a Jersey pronunciation that sounds like “garbage.” Some viewers have said muff garbage/cabbage is, indeed, a Jersey thing, and that the South Park writers may have picked it up from The Real Housewives

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