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RFID Tag IC Chips – skyrfid.com

Integrated Circuit/Chips (IC’s) for RFID tags available for our transponders/tags. At a minimum the RFID IC chip choice determines the Carrier Wave Frequency, Maximum Read Distance, Memory Size, Function, Encoding Scheme, Security, and sometimes the Air Interface.

Construction of RFID Tags – RFID chip and antenna | RFID4U

RFID tags are made of three different components: an RFID chip, which is an integrated circuit (IC), an antenna, and a substrate. A tag manufacturer typically does not make all three components in-house. The IC is typically designed and made by a semiconductor manufacturer, while an antenna is usually designed and made by a tag manufacturer.

ST25 NFC / RFID Tags – STMicroelectronics

The ST25T product family offers a wide range of NFC / RFID tags with memory sizes from 512-bits to 64-Kbit. They include short-range (ISO / IEC 14443 Type A or B) and long-range (ISO / IEC 15693) products for covering the below standards and applications.

NXP-RFID –Uses, Products, Support | Global RFID leader NXP

The world’s #1 Global Identification leader in RFID & NFC integrated circuits (ICs), with extensive experience and history, providing billion’s of ICs since 1988. Applications. Small RFID Tag from SML Group Offers 30 Percent Sensitivity Boost. January 26, 2018. 0.

Tag IC and Reader Resource – RAIN RFID

38 rows · Tag IC and Reader Resource. The Tag IC table has an overview of the manufacturer, the IC …

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Alien Higgs-4 http://www.alientechno… http://www.alientechnology.com/prod…
Alien Higgs-EC http://www.alientechno… http://www.alientechnology.com/prod…
EM EM4124 http://www.emmicroel… http://www.emmicroelectronic.com/pr…

See all 38 rows on rainrfid.org

RFID Tag ICs – everything RF

RFID Tag ICs Search Tool. RFID Tag ICs are integrated into each RFID tag. Each tag has an IC that holds the basic information which is used to identify the tag. Once the RFID reader sends out a signal, the induced current in the tag activates this IC, reads the information and sends it out via inductive coupling or backscatter.

How do RFID tags and reader antennas work?

An RFID reader is a network connected device (fixed or mobile) with an antenna that sends power as well as data and commands to the tags. The RFID reader acts as an access point for RFID tagged items so that the tags’ data can be made available to business applications.

3 Basic Things to Know About Passive UHF RFID Tags [Video]

IC Type. The IC (Integrated Circuit) is the brain of the RFID tag and stores the unique information on the tag. Some IC types can store more information than others. Generally speaking, most UHF RFID tags adhere to the Class 1 Generation 2 standard (ISO 18000-6C) and use 96 bits of memory to store the EPC (Electronic Product Code).

NXP-RFID –UCODE Passive UHF ICs | UHF Transponder

UHF – UCODE®. Built into smart labels, UCODE RAIN RFID delivers high-speed operation in supply-chain and logistics applications, with higher anti-collision rates that improve accuracy, higher sensitivity to extend read range, and wider frequency range, with EPCglobal compliance, to support worldwide use.

ST25 NFC / RFID Readers – STMicroelectronics

ST25 NFC / RFID Readers. The ST25R HF reader series provides multiprotocol support for 13.56 MHz NFC / RFID communications as ISO14443 Type A or B, ISO15693, ISO18092, FeliCa and NFC Forum protocols. They integrate an SPI interface for interface to a host microcontroller.

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