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Oct 16, 2009 · Leave the math to us with our nifty pace calculator. Plan your race pace and splits, figure out how far you ran based on your estimated pace, or calculate the pace of your last training run. P A C E C A L C U L A T O R

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11 rows · Running speed calculator. App to calculate its running speed and pace in km/h or mph

2018.12.27, 11:12 Running of 9.52 km/h on a distance of 10 km 1:03:00 06:18
2018.12.27, 11:09 Running of 13.15 km/h on a distance of 5 km 22:48 04:34
2018.12.27, 11:08 Running of 12.27 km/h on a distance of 9 km 44:00 04:53
2018.12.27, 11:07 Running of 36 km/h on a distance of 2.4 km 04:00 01:40

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Generic browser based speed, distance and time calculators written in javascript by Nigel Jones for performance oriented cyclists and other racers. If you can run Windows applications you might prefer a nicer and more compact version of these calculators that ships with my bike gear calculator or the additional functionality of my power calculator.

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Speed is calculated by dividing running distance with used time. Calculator calculates speed always to m/s and converts it to other units using following conversions: km/h = 3.6 * m/s; mph = 2.23694 * m/s; ft/s = 3.28084 * m/s; The calculator also calculates running pace. This indicates how many minutes is used for one kilometer or one mile.

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Walking and Running Speed Calculator Your speed is the calculation of distance over time, expressed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. If you have your pace, it is easy to convert it to speed, simply divide 60 by your pace.

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Pace Calculators The Runner’s World Running Pace Calculator. This tool will do the math so you can easily figure out how fast you were running. By The Runner’s World Editors.

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The running pace calculator helps you to calculate the time, distance or pace of your run. Calculating your pace is not only interesting, but also useful, as it helps you to run and train better.

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Speed calculator is a tool that helps you determine average speed based on distance and time. Whether it’s a test drive of your brand new car, your last jogging run or bike trip, if you want to know how to find average speed this calculator will come in handy.

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Use the running pace calculator to determine your race pace or mile pace for marathons, half marathons, 5Ks & more. Calculate Your Running Pace. Enter any two to calculate pace, time or distance. Time:: Not much is worse for a runner than hitting a speed plateau. But there’s a reason you aren’t getting faster. Five of them, in fact.

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