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Class: Mammalia

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Short-tailed shrew, (genus Blarina), any of three species of North American insectivores that resemble voles in body form. All have minute, degenerate eyes and small ears concealed in the fur. Within the moderately long and pointed muzzle are reddish-tipped teeth.

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Short-tailed shrews are one of the animal-reservoirs of the agents of Lyme disease and human babesiosis. References This article about a red-toothed shrew is a stub. You can help Wikipedia …

Class: Mammalia

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Short-tailed shrews entering water, or as more likely, swept by flooding, may be eaten by fish, e.g., the stomach of a 71 cm (28 in) northern pike taken from Rich Lake, Essex Co., October 4, 1986, contained one adult short-tailed shrew.

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The southern short-tailed shrew subdues its invertebrate or small mammal prey using toxic saliva secreted by specially modified salivary glands. The southern short-tailed shrew’s toxic saliva can paralyse and kill prey the size of a mouse within three to five minutes.

Class: Mammalia

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The Northern Short-tailed Shrew is a small, mouse-sized insectivore with a very short tail, short limbs, a pointed muzzle and tiny eyes and ears concealed by fur. The Northern Short-tailed Shrews fur is a dense slate grey and slightly lighter underneath.

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Northern Short-Tailed Shrew – Blarina brevicauda. Photo courtesy of Gilles Gonthier. Overview: This is the largest shrew in North America. The salivary glands of the Northern short-tailed shrew produce a toxic material which helps in subduing its prey. Description

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The short-tailed shrew is the largest shrew and only venomous mammal found in North America. Its saliva contains poisons that paralyze its victims. Paralyzed victims may be consumed over a …

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Sep 26, 2018 · Trying to solve the mystery of the elusive Sherman’s short-tailed shrew. More than six decades ago, a biologist discovered a new kind of shrew in North Fort Myers.

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Sep 24, 2015 · The “northern short-tailed shrew” is the largest shrew in the genus “Blarina”, and occurs in the northeastern region of North America. It is a semifossorial, highly active, and voracious

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