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Rising to Greatness: The History of Naughty Dog – IGN

Oct 04, 2013 · Gamers today know Naughty Dog like movie-goers know Spielberg and Scorsese, and there’s a reason for that. The minds there continuously make some of …

The Great History of Naughty Dog (1985 – 2017) – YouTube

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Feb 17, 2017 · Naughty Dog has been around since 1985 and over the years they have released amazing games. Their video games have changed the way we see video games today. They have the greatest (possibly THE

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The History of Naughty Dog Games | NowThis Nerd

‘Uncharted 4’ was the last adventure for Nathan Drake, and ‘The Lost Legacy’ spinoff is the last time Naughty Dog is going to play in that universe Still, I’m really looking forward to ‘The Last of Us: Part 2’ and whatever Naughty Dog does next Whether they continue Ellie and Joel’s saga, or they wow us with something completely

A Brief History of Naughty Dog | Pure PlayStation

Naughty Dog were founded in September 1989. Scratch that. Jam Software was founded on September 27 th, 1984, by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin.The two founders were childhood friends from the US of A. Gavin was behind the programming, and other such technical things that I don’t understand, while Rubin acted as director.

Naughty Dog – Wikipedia

Naughty Dog. Founded by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin in 1984 as an independent developer, the studio was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001. Gavin and Rubin produced a sequence of progressively more successful games, including Rings …

Founded: September 27, 1984; 34 years ago in McLean, Virginia, U.S.

Uncharted: The History of Naughty Dog | Filthy Casuals

Uncharted: The History of Naughty Dog by Filthy Casuals with Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox, released 23 August 2017 With a year that’s seen a fresh coat of paint for the Crash Bandicoot series, a fresh new adventure in the Uncharted series, and a fresh rewatch of that one trailer from last year for the next game in the Last of Us series, the boys take a running-towards-the-camera-with-a-boulder-chasing-them stroll through the history of Naughty Dog.

From Crash to Drake: The History of Naughty Dog | FANDOM

Naughty Dog, the developers behind Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, out today for PlayStation 4, have a very interesting history that begins many years before players were introduced to Nathan Drake in 2007.

The history of Naughty Dog – 30 years of Gaming – TGG

The history of Naughty Dog – A interactive timeline. I guess that time just flies by when you’re having fun. Espacily in the case with Naughty Dog, as they have created some of the best video game series in the world during those 30 years. Game series such as “Jak and Daxter”, “ Crash Bandicoot “, “Uncharted”, and “The Last of US”.

Rising to Greatness: The History of Naughty Dog – IGN

Oct 04, 2013 · In part four of our exclusive five part history of Naughty Dog, the creation of the Uncharted trilogy is chronicled, through good times and bad. – Page 13

A History of Naughty Dog: From Past to Present – Nutty Gamer

A History of Naughty Dog: From Past to Present On 13/12/2018 13/12/2018 By nuttygamer Naughty Dog, one of today’s greatest game studios and the guys behind some of the biggest hits in all of gaming!

Uncharted 4 Has “Strongest” Opening in Naughty Dog’s

Uncharted 4 Has “Strongest” Opening in Naughty Dog’s History, Dev Says “This is our strongest beginning,” surpassing the emotional start of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog says.

Uncharted 5 and the Future of Naughty Dog’s Crown Jewel

Steeped in the rich history of Uncharted, Naughty Dog’s India-set standalone effectively ticked all the boxes – blockbuster action, sweeping vistas, and more puzzles than you could shake a

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