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13 Ways to Play with Shaving Cream – Simple Fun for Kids

The Pleasantest Thing made their shaving cream glow! We did a great sensory activity with plain shaving cream on a window. Finally, Artsy Momma created this incredibly realistic Ice Cream Sundae craft with puffy paint! What’s your favorite way to play with shaving cream? Do you want to try any of the featured activities? Let me know in the

25 Spectacular Shaving Cream Activities – Play Ideas

With this shaving cream car wash. They’ll have a blast getting the cars dirty, cleaning them, and starting all over again. Get ready for some squishy, slippery, popping fun when your kids play with colored shaving cream on top of bubble wrap. This glittery soap fluff is great sensory play.

10 Shaving Cream Art Ideas

The kids will be happy because it’s “messy” while us mamas and teachers can enjoy because we know shaving cream is one of the easiest things to clean up! 7. Shaving Cream that Glows from Where Imagination Grows. This ones needs a black light, if you happen to have one then you won’t want to miss this project! 8. Shaving Cream and Glue Paint from Sassy Dealz. Sometimes you just need a simple …

10 ridiculously fun shaving cream activities for kids

So I spent some time searching for shaving cream activities for kids, and before I knew it, I had a complete list of ridiculously fun things for the 2 of us to do together. And since I know I’m not the only mom out there who is constantly on the hunt for boredom busters, I had to share them with all of you.

12 Fun Shaving Cream Activities For Kids

Fun Shaving Cream Activities For Kids. For most of these activities, all you need is shaving cream! You can get an inexpensive can at your grocery store or the dollar store. And when it’s time to clean up, shaving cream cleans up with just water, so it’s easy to do!

4 Awesome Things You Can Do With Shaving Cream – YouTube

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May 27, 2014 · Quickly clean stains, keep the bathroom mirror from fogging, polish jewelry and silence squeaky door hinges. This stuff is awesome!

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Activities with Shaving Cream – Simple Fun for Kids

Next to playing with baking soda and vinegar, activities with shaving cream are at the top of our list of favorite things to do! We’ve used shaving cream for crafts, for art, for sensory doughs, and just to play in on numerous occasions! It’s such a great, versatile material, and it’s really easy to clean up because it’s basically foamy soap.

8 Great Things You Can Do With Shaving Cream

8 Great Things You Can Do With Shaving Cream. Shaving cream is a great invention! It’s pleasant to use and even a little fun, and it definitely makes shaving safer and easier. This is true for legs and faces. In addition to smelling great, conditioning your skin and helping you avoid unsightly nicks and cuts,

10 Shaving Cream Activities for Kids – Mess for Less

Shaving Cream Activities for Kids. Another fun way to learn with shaving cream! Making a Sensory Rainbow with Straws – This shaving cream activity is sure to brighten your day. The shaving cream acts as a sort of glue for the colored straws. Fine Motor Practice with Straws – This fun shaving cream activity really works kids’ fine motor skills.

Shaving Cream Fun! 6 Ways. – Her View From Home

Rain Cloud: Fill a glass or glass jar with water. Squirt shaving cream on top. Drip in some blue (or any other color) food coloring. You can also mix and talk about color mixes and primary colors.

If You’ve Run Out of Shaving Cream, Give These 10

If you’re stuck in the shower without shaving cream, hair conditioner is the next best thing. Designed to hydrate, conditioner is rich in skin-beneficial ingredients, helps provide a slick surface on your skin, and softens your hairs. It works just as well as shaving cream, and …

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