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An Introduction To Tin Can API – eLearning Industry

As it happens, the standard is now known as Experience API (Tin Can was the project name). So while a lot of people use these names interchangeably, Experience API is the more correct name according to Ali Shahrazad, the co-founder and COO of Saltbox. You’ll often see it …

Tin Can API Source Code Samples | ProgrammableWeb

The Tin Can API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Tin Can with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating statements, accessing learning experience information, and managing account information.

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Learning Record Store. An LRS is a new system that was the result of Tin-Can API. When Tin-Can API statements are created, they are sent to an LRS. The LRS acts as a repository for these learning statements. Data stored in an LRS are in the form of activity …

xAPI Prototypes: the Experience API prototype examples

Report Sample A report page displaying different types of reports and information that can be generated with information stored in the LRS. The data reported is actual data generated by the prototypes below.

Tin Can (Experience) API Explained – LearnDash

The official version of Tin Can API hasn’t even been out a year (as of this article), so adoption is still taking place. Part of increasing the adoption rate of Tin Can is educating users on what it is and what it can …

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How Does Tin Can API Work? There is some incorrect information around that claims that the Tin Can APi is a Learning Record Store (LRS). It’s not. The Tin Can API is actually a web-based service that allows Tin Can compliant systems to pass information, in the form of statements, to a …

GitHub – RusticiSoftware/TinCan_Prototypes: Examples which

23 rows · Examples which use the Tin Can API. Contribute to RusticiSoftware/TinCan_Prototypes …

GolfExample_TCAPI Merge pull request #38 from mlefoster/master Feb 24, 2017
JsTetris_TCAPI Bump submodules (TinCanJS 0.41.1) Mar 29, 2016
Locator_TCAPI Bump submodules (TinCanJS 0.41.1) Mar 29, 2016
OAuthSample Put error msg back Sep 8, 2016

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Experience API (aka Tin Can API) Demystified – YouTube

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Feb 14, 2014 · What is the Experience API? What does it mean for the future of e-learning? Why is it also called the Tin Can API? This little video attempts to answer at least some of those and other questions.

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GitHub – adlnet/experienceapi_client_examples: These

Experience API Client Examples. The xAPI client examples are built from the original Tin Can examples from Rustici Software that now implement ADL’s xAPIWrapper. The examples are split into two folders, .95 for data compliant to the .95 xAPI specification and 1.0 for data compliant to the current 1.0.1 spec. Read more about the Experience API Spec here.

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