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As you can probably see, urea is a much larger molecule, is planar (flat) and organic (contains carbon). It also contains ammonium ions – the two side groups – so in that way it’s related to ammonia. They also have very different physical properties. For example, ammonia is a gas with a very strong

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Chemical formula: CH₄N₂O

Urea and Ammonia Based Chemicals for NOx Abatement

Colonial Chemical Company is a leading supplier of urea to the power industry with over 17 years of experience delivering over 150,000 tons of Urea and Ammonia each year. We provide excellent service, high quality products and great value to our customers.

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Both are Nitrogen based molecules, but Urea(in urine) is CO(NH2)2, whereas ammonia is NH3. Excess nitrogen in mammals is toxic, and is removed from the body either in the form of urea or ammonia.

Urea and Ammonia Metabolism and the Control of Renal

Aug 07, 2015 · Renal nitrogen metabolism primarily involves urea and ammonia metabolism, and is essential to normal health. Urea is the largest circulating pool of nitrogen, excluding nitrogen in circulating proteins, and its production changes in parallel to the degradation of dietary and endogenous proteins.

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Ammonia and urea are two chemicals which are very important to the New Zealand economy. This article covers a process used by Petrochem in Kapuni, South Taranaki, to synthesise ammonia from natural gas and air, then synthesise urea from this ammonia and carbon dioxide.

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