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Chemical formula: CH₄N₂O

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40% UREA SOLUTION . Safety Data Sheet . Product/Chemical Name: Urea Solution . Chemical Family: Organic salt solution . General Use: Waste water treatment, power plant emissions control, agriculture, other and manufacturing applications . Company Information: GAC Chemical Corporation . 34 Kidder Point Road . Searsport, Maine 04974 U.S.A.


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PRODUCT NOTES: UREA: Urea (46 – 0 -0) is a prilled, light weight product . It can be used to make Urea solutions up to 47.82% by weight, a grade of 22 – 0 – 0 N itrogen solution. The following is a chart is various Urea solutions. From experience 23 – 0 – 0 can be produced with 160 Degree F Water.

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The word “mole” is short for a molecular weight in grams of a substance. For urea, this is 60 g per liter of solution. Make the solution in one of three ways (examples provided below): Percent-by-weight: if, for example, a 4 percent solution is desired, place the beaker on the scale and using the scoop, weigh 40 g of urea and 960 g of water.

The Solubility of Urea in Water. – Journal of the American

The conversion of urea into NH 3 and HNCO, the two major products from the Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF w/ Links | Hi-Res PDF Preparation of Nitric Oxide from Sodium Nitrite.

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Urea was used to adjust the pH of small volumes of solutions on the lab bench. Vogel suggests that this works whether the solution is acidic or alkaline. The solutions were boiled.

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Water Purification Systems; Service. Warm the refrigerated 40% urea solution to room temperature. Aseptically add 5 mL to 95 mL of sterile molten Urea Agar Base (Christensen). Mix well and dispense in sterile tubes. Safety & Documentation. Safety Information.


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8 M Urea Solution – add 16 ml of deionized water or the buffer of choice to the contents of the bottle. The final volume should be 25 ml. Note: The solution will initially become cold to the touch. W arm the bottle at 20–25 °C for ∼30 minutes, while mixing periodically to ensure complete dissolution.

Urea-Water-Solution Properties: Density, Viscosity, and

The results from the viscosity measurement are show in Table 2. Temperature is given in both degrees Kelvin and Celsius. The urea mass fraction gives the urea mass relation to the solution mass, e.g., 100 g of UWS contains 32.5 g of urea. In the right-hand column, …

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Analysis of the Injection of Urea-water-solution for

Urea-water-solution (UWS, containing 32.5 wt% urea; brand name: AdBlue) is sprayed into the hot exhaust stream and subsequently the reducing agent (ammonia, NH. 3) is generated by evapora- tion of water, thermolysis of urea and hydrolysis of iso- cyanic acid (HNCO) [1].

Authors: Felix Birkhold · Ulrich Meingast · Peter Wassermann · Olaf DeutschmannAffiliation: Bosch

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