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Satellite Statement of Account Form. For semiannual accounting periods beginning January 1, 2014 Satellite SOA Form. Digital Audio Recording Products—Statement of Account Forms Quarterly Statement of Account Form Annual Statement of Account Form. Initial Notice of Distribution of Digital Audio Recording Devices or Media Form. Notice of Use Form

Chapters Title 17 of the United States Code. Chapter 1: Subject Matter and Scope of …


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The copyright claimant is either the author of the work or a person or organization to whom the copyright initially belonging to the author has been transferred. Transfer: The statute provides that, if the copyright claimant is not the author, the application for registration must contain “a brief statement

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Once application is submitted you will be directed to a page with steps to complete the process and a copyright logo image will be available for download. [email protected] More Info. COPYRIGHT BLOG SPOT. I REGISTERED. LEGAL ACTION. PREVENTS PIRACY AND INCREASE GAINS. PREVENTING PLAGIARISM. CREDIBILITY. IMPORTANCE OF

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Cease & Desist Letter A customer-specific form you can further customize if someone is infringing on your copyright. Transfer/Assignment Custom assignment template. If you need to sell or otherwise convey your copyright, you have access to your pre-filled in template that you can further customize.

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Note: Publication is not a requirement for copyright registration. Publication is defined as the distribution of copies of a work to the public by sale or transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending.

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Information about copyright, copyright registration methods, and basic registration forms are available on the US Legal Forms website. Apart from copyright, there are other intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and patents.

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