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Using your new cache of movement verbs, why not try and create some sentences to talk about what you do during the year, what sports you enjoy or how you get through your day. On the inside you get an impressive line-up of high-tech hardware, including an Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor, a 2 MB L2 cache and 800 MHz front side bus, which is more than adequate even for the most avid gamer.

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Cache in a sentence. From a software point of view, both Django and Grok use decorators for achieving different goals, such as controlling HTTP compression and caching. Negative Caching In addition to storing information that aids in the name resolution process, most modern DNS server implementations are capable of negative caching.

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Examples of cache in a sentence. (noun) A place for concealment and safekeeping, as of valuables. (noun) A store of goods or valuables concealed in a hiding place: maintained a cache of food in case of emergencies. (noun) Computer Science A fast storage buffer in the central processing unit of a computer.

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Sentence Examples. While fresh vegetables are preferable, second best is to have a supply of canned fruits and vegetables and juices, as well as a cache of dried fruits. This year it was his crusty and soft rolls, Chelsea buns, and large crusty cobs which caught the adjudicator’s eye resulting in a cache …

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High data protection and data integrity with ECC in cache memory and accumulator memories. Still, there are ways of squeezing more performance out of a disk drive with a larger cache memory. A similar argument can be applied to copies in the cache memory of computers.

use cache in a sentence, how to spell cache , What is the English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for “cache “” The cache had been found and rifled; the seven hundred thousand pounds were gone! During the recent standoff, Iraq tampered with monitoring equipment, and the fear is that the Iraqis will use this window to create a cache of chemical weapons.

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use “cache” in a sentence. Although variable-length instruction packets added some complexity to the CPU, it reduced code size and thus the number of expensive cache misses by increasing the amount of code in the cache at any one time. The operation resulted in the successful capture of eight HVI’s and a …

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Sentence example with the word ‘cache’ cache asylum, coffer, cubby, file and forget, hiding, lay away, nook, reserve, salt down, squirrel away, supply Definition n. a hidden storage space Last update: April 12, 2016. 3. Here she cache d all of her treasure except a single knifelike sliver.

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151+2 sentence examples: 1. A huge arms cache was discovered by police. 2. Police discovered a cache of weapons in the room. 3. In your Web browser’s cache are the most recent Web files that you have downloaded. 4. An arms cache was discovered in Sou

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Jan 30, 2019 · Cache is a special type of fast computer memory to buffer either slower memory or storage devices like hard drives. The most used or most recently used things stay in the cach ….

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