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Victorian Inventions Timeline (1837 to 1901) Robert Thomson discovered that rubber tyres filled with air (pneumatic) gave a far more comfortable ride for passengers than solid tyres, but they were too expensive. Before this people had to suffer with roads made from cobbles ( round stones) and pot holes.

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Victorian Inventions. The Victorian period was seen as a significant period in the development of Britain and new inventions formed a key part of this. These inventions helped shape the lives of normal everyday people and made travel, communication and trade easier than ever. Today we take photos, call our family and travel around the world.

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Inventions from the Victorian Era (20th June 1837 – 22nd January 1901) Cars: The first automobile was built in 1885 by Karl Benz who was a German engineer and became co-founder of the company that would eventually become Mercedes-Benz. It was a vehicle with three wheels powered by …

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Victorian Inventions. The Penny Post system started on 10th January 1840 whereby normal letters could be sent for one penny anywhere in the UK. Robert Peel who was twice Prime Minister was credited with establishing the Metropolitan Police Force for London. By 1857, all cities in the UK were required to form their own police forces.

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Telephone Invention. Victorian era invention of the telephone changed the communication. The telephone, the most vibrant medium of communication today was discovered by Alexander Graham Bell. With the invention of the telephone, telegraphs became obsolete as the telephone was an easier, cheaper medium of communication that the former.

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