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Visual communication is the visual expression of emotion, data, information and knowledge. The term can be applied to anything visual including art, architecture, cities, products, user interfaces, media, publications, advertising, entertainment, performing art and fashion. The following are illustrative examples of visual communication.

Examples of Effective Visual Communication in Workplace

Examples of Effective Visual Communication in Workplace. Verbal and visual communication are just two ways that information and ideas travel from person to person and become integrated into the company’s methods and practices. Businesses should strive for the most effective visual communication possible when looking for alternate ways of transferring data into digestible information for employees.

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Defining Visual Communication. It is one of three main types of communication, along with verbal communication (speaking) and non-verbal communication (tone, body language, etc.). Visual communication is believed to be the type that people rely on most, and it includes signs, graphic designs, films, typography, and countless other examples.

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Examples of effective visual communication in the workplace. How improving visual communication can help companies to improve culture, employee retention, and attitude. PRODUCT

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Anything that helps communicate through graphics (still or motion) are all examples of VC. Signage, in the malls, on the road, libraries, etc., advertisements both print and digital, business cards, mailers, websites, tickets such as parking ticket or airline ticket.

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Objects. This is used especially in instances where you are talking about a mobile object. It …


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Every day we see and we use visual communication to deliver our ideas to others, at school, at work or at home. The use of images on newspapers, blog articles and social media or charts, diagrams and graphs on presentations are some examples of visual means we come across and use to share information in our day-to-day life.

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“The 10 Commandments of Visual Communication > In case you are a part-time designer with little knowhow of communication design, below is an infographic that would work as a layperson’s handbook” “Visual Literacy and Visual Communication: Their Role in Today’s Content Marketing”

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Overview. Besides two dimensional images, there are other ways to express information visually – gestures and body language, animation (digital or analogue), and film. Visual communication by e-mail, a textual medium, is commonly expressed with ASCII art, emoticons, and embedded digital images .

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