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Skillet-Free Meat. As a general rule, if it can go on the grill, it can be roasted over the campfire. Heavy, cumbersome cuts such as steak, however, need to be cut down into smaller strips, and impenetrable pieces such as ribs need to be secured between a butterfly rack. Hot dogs, though, are hard to get wrong.

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Hot Dog. I’ve run into a surprisingly high number of men who have never roasted a hot dog on a …

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Sep 12, 2012 · Anything that can go on the BBQ can be roasted over an open fire so use your imagination and try something different..and maybe give the rest of us some new ideas. Lol while I was thinking a few others were faster at posting..

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Potatoes. A potato makes for hearty campfire food, and is loved by many. This low-maintenance ingredient can be served with almost any protein, at breakfast or dinner. Cheesy roasted potatoes: Dice the potatoes and place them in tin foil with butter. Let them sit over the fire for 35 to 40 minutes.

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You can roast anything over a fire – you just need a skewer. I’ll use my gas stove for a night raid of homemade marshmallow toasted then plopped on a piece of sea salt finished dark chocolate. Easy peasy are: chicken, shrimp, steak, pork.vegetables. fruit – chunked peach or pineapple is amazing.

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Nov 14, 2008 · Cooking over a fire isn’t just about cooking on a stick. No, with some aluminum foil, you can wrap any number of creations to create a small yet very hot oven that will gently roast and heat any number of delights, from beans and chili to herb-roasted veggies.

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Follow This Tip: Build a fire on one side of your fire bowl, fire pit, or fire ring, and use the other side as a place to move hot coals. Then you can place a camp grill directly over the fire to boil water, roast meats, and grill vegetables.

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A: Fire-roasting simply means cooking over an open flame. If you ask me, it’s just a fancier way of saying “grilling,” but you can fire-roast food in your broiler, on your stovetop burner, or on a gas or charcoal grill. The basic idea of fire-roasting is exposing a vegetable (usually corn, tomato, red bell pepper,

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Jun 26, 2017 · Hang the roast in front of the fire from the nail or hook above your fireplace. The roast should be just in front of the middle of the fire. Secure the string to the nail or hook securely. Place a large cookie sheet or roasting pan just below the roast …


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It’s fairly simple to fire roast tomatoes in your oven. You can always give it a go on your grill, but these directions here are specific to fire roasting your oven. 1 Preheat your oven to broil. Move a shelf of the oven up as close to the top as you can. Wash tomatoes and cut in half top to bottom.

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Aug 09, 2018 · Part 1 Roasting a Marshmallow. Roast your marshmallow over hot coals. Once your fire has been burning for a while, some of the wood will burn out and turn it glowing coals. A spot right above these coals is the perfect area to roast marshmallows. The heat from this makeshift oven will caramelize that sugar perfectly,


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