what do third world countries need most

21 things they never tell you about poor countries

Poverty is the rule, not the exception. For most people life just isn’t as good as it is for you and I, …

Top 10 major problems in third world countries – elist10.com

Hunger. More than 870 million people of the entire third world population have no food to eat or a …

20 Best Business ideas for Developing (Third World) Countries

Alternative source of Energy. One major thing that most developing countries lack is constant …

What items or technologies do people in developing

Coming from a “developing country” myself, I can tell what these countries truly need is a way to free the people from corrupt regime and their governance. The lack of development, hunger, poverty, social ills etc are often just manifestations of inefficient governance and corruption.

A List of Third World Countries: 10 Poorest Nations With

Here are the 10 poorest Third World countries with the biggest economies, ranked by their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. #10 Togo – GDP per capita: $899 Togo is ranked as one of largest producers and exporters of phosphate, a mineral widely used for agriculture purposes.

Third World Countries List, What are 3rd world countries

133 rows · The first world referred to the NATO countries which included the United States, Canada, …

1 Afghanistan Member of the NAM 1961
2 Algeria Member of the NAM 1961
3 Angola Member of the NAM 1964
4 Antigua and Barbuda Member of the NAM 2006

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Countries of the Third World – Nations Online Project

Today the term is often used to describe the developing countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. Many poorer nations adopted the term to describe themselves. Below Third World Countries by various categories: Third World Countries in terms of Political Rights and Civil Liberties.

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