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What does c/o mean? definition and meaning

c/o. Care of. An abbreviation that is used to direct correspondence to a particular place. It is typically used for an addressee who is not at the usual place where he or she would receive correspondence. For example, a letter could be sent to “ABC Company, c/o John Smith”, or “XYZ Company, c/o Human Resources department”.

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What does it mean? Often abbreviated as c/o, “care of” means through someone or by way of someone. This phrase indicates that something is to be delivered to …

meaning – What does c/o stand for in a postal address

c/o here stands for care of. The letter is to be delivered and entrusted to the care of John Doe, who will be responsible for seeing that it gets to Joe Black. care of on Wiktionary. Wiktionary also suggests c/- is common in Australia and New Zealand.

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Sep 28, 2006 · · just now. C/O stands for “in care of”. If you were staying a a friends house out of town and requested your job to send papers to you in the mail, your friends postman (person) may not know that you are temporarily staying at that address and not recognizing the name, send your mail back as addressee unknown.

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A: “C/o” stands for “care of.”. It is an abbreviation used to send correspondence to a specific person when he is not likely to be there. This is especially useful for sending things to a work address or to people who can only be contacted by a third party. Continue Reading.

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Meaning of “c/o” in the English Dictionary. “c/o” in English. › abbreviation for care of: used in addresses when the person you are writing to is staying at someone else’s home: p. and p.

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Definition of c/o from the Collins English Dictionary. The to infinitive and the -ing form. The to infinitive and the -ing form(the present participle) can each be used after certain verbs. Verbs followed by the to infinitive include: agree, arrange, attempt, choose, decide, fail, hope, lea

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What does C/O mean on property deed? Example, John Doe C/O Jane Doe 123 Main St Any town PA 18241 My husband and I have been separated 5 years. He lives in marital home.

C/o legal definition of c/o

A prefix that denotes jointness or the state of being conjunct or united. To be together, with, or not separate from; conjoint or combined. A corespondent in a lawsuit is one who is joined as a defendant in the suit. A co-owner is a person who owns something in conjunction with another person.

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