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Jan 30, 2014 · Compared to training for an Olympic-distance event, how much more time will it take to train for a 70.3 for a mid-pack racer? The Swim. The swim distance in most Olympic triathlons is 0.9 miles. For a 70.3 race, it goes up to 1.2 miles. This 0.3 mile difference equates to 528 yards.

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What is 70.3 Training? Half Ironman Training Plan

Training for a half ironman (70.3 miles) is a lifestyle change and serious time commitment. Finding a training plan, diet, and routine that fits your own schedule and lifestyle is key to success. Triathlon training is much more than just swimming, biking, and running.

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Although not an official “Ironman” branded race (as it is owned by Tri California, not World Triathlon Corporation, the company behind Ironman), many consider the Wildflower half Ironman to be the “unofficial 70.3 world championships,” and it’s absolutely one of the best long course races in the world.

A 20-Week Training Plan for Your First 70.3 Triathlon

A 20-Week Training Plan for Your First 70.3 Triathlon. Matt Fitzgerald Feb 23, 2018. This training plan is designed for first-time half Ironman participants who want to …

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Search for Ironman and half Ironman triathlon races in our Ironman 2018 triathlon distances Race Calendar. View results for 140.6, 70.3, 5i50, Iron Girl and Ironkids triathlon races, course descriptions, top coaches list, news updates, training info and nutrition articles.

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Testimonials “I have raced in many races around the world, but this one is different”- Michael Raelert (GER) Former 2 times winners of the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship.(2009-2010) “This is my favourite triathlon event in Asia.

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Known by many as a half Ironman, the Ironman 70.3 races are an excellent goal for triathletes looking for a new challenge. Learn more about 70.3 Ironmans, find your next race and learn how to …

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The IRONMAN Official Site for IRONMAN triathlon 140.6 & 70.3, 5i50, Iron Girl and IRONKIDS triathlon races. View results, course descriptions, training articles, and live coverage of our iconic events and register to become an IRONMAN today.

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Ironman is a triathlon. Ironman is an ultra or long course distance of triathlon. Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles run 26.2 miles All under 17 hours. It started as one race in Hawaii and then grew into a series of races. I think then Ironman was a name for the distance no matter who produced the race.

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Miramar beach, Goa is all set to host India’s first ever IRONMAN 70.3 in October, 2019. About Goa. Miramar beach is listed amongst the most popular beaches of Goa due to its location.

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