what is the atomic radius of strontium

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The atomic number of strontium (Sr) is 38. . The atomic weight of Sr is 87.62 grams per mole. . See the Web Links to the left of this answer for a periodic table with more i ….

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Strontium: radii of atoms and ions. It is not always easy to make sensible comparisons between the elements however as some bonds are quite short because of multiple bonding (for instance the O=O distance in O 2 is short because of the the double bond connecting the two atoms. The bond length in SrSr is: 430.3pm.

Strontium – Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry

Discovery of Strontium

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Strontium is a yellowish-white alkaline earth metal with atomic number 38 and element symbol Sr. The element is known for producing red flames in fireworks and emergency flares and for its radioactive isotope that is found in nuclear fallout. Here is a collection of strontium element facts.

Which has a larger ionic radius a strontium ion or a

Both are ions and we should consider the ionic radius, not the atomic radius. Rubidium ion (Rb+) will have a larger IONIC radius than strontium ion (Sr2+).

Which of the following has the largest atomic radius

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